Christmas Retreat on the Six Lojons at Phendeling, Czech Republic

We had a wonderful retreat on the practice of Six Lojons with Zoli Cser, a SMS Base instructor, here in Phendeling, Czech Republic.20171228_151021

The practice of Six Lojons, mind trainings, is one of the basic and fundamental practices of Santi Maha Sangha Base Level training. So practicing them during longer and intensive retreat with the support of an experienced instructor helped us to understand better the meaning and importance of such practice in the context of Dzogchen Teaching, especially those preparing for SMS Base exam appreciated this opportunity very much.



Again we could welcome in Phendeling our great friend Zoli who is always very kind and cheerful and who accompanies his explanations with lot of interesting details. Thanks to his versatility we could also practice Yantra Yoga in the morning, Vajra Dance and the practice of Chöd every evening.

During the retreat we also included listening to the webcast of the Teachings of our precious Master.

We finished our retreat with Medium Ganapuja on December 31st, followed by a midnight Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra and Khaita Joyful Dances till early morning hours, thinking of Zoli who was already on his way home to Budapest to catch his flight to Tenerife for one month of work exchange in Dzamling Gar. Good luck, Zoli and see you soon again next Chrismtas time in Phendeling for another marvelous retreat, this time aimed on the practice of 7th lojong.

Long life to our Master!

Gakyil, Czech RepublicIMG_9389IMG_8988

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