Churi, Son of the River – Online Puppet Show

Based on the novel  “Churi”  by Christian Ayuni
A virtual show for the whole family.
(Spanish with English subtitles)

Saturday, December 19

1st Show at 2.00 PM (Venezuelan Time) or 6.00 PM (GMT)
2nd Show at 6.00 PM (Venezuelan Time) or 10.00 PM (GMT)

The broadcast will be through Tashigar Norte´s Facebook Live. To date, fundraising has allowed us to raise US$ 7.629 of the US$ 15.000 needed to cover our annual budget for 2021. We thank all those who have supported us so far and invite those who can help us to complete our goal. This is the last activity linked to this task. For donations we have available Paypal. Visit

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About the Play

Yacumama, the great serpent mother of the water, wanted to have a human son whom she called Mayuchuri (Churi). The boy grew up happily in the depths of the river, but as time went by he felt great curiosity that, against his mother’s wishes, brought him to the surface on a journey towards the encounter of freedom and himself. It is a captivating story of the initiatory journey of a little hero traveling through Peruvian Amazonian landscapes inhabited by the beings of the river and the jungle.

“Churi, Son of the River” is a montage by the Tárbol Puppet Theater group on the script with which Martín Molina won the First Dramaturgy Contest “The steamboat on Stage”, convened in 2017 by the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima and Fundación SM with the National Library of Peru, House of Peruvian Literature and the Ministry of Culture of Peru by adapting the novel “Churi” by the writer Christian Ayuni, winner in turn of the literary contest “The steamboat” of Editorial SM in its sixth edition in Peru in 2014.

The jury made up of César de María, Nishme Sumar, Gonzalo Molina, Lourdes Velaochaga and Micaela Chirif, chose this adaptation -and is stage proposal- as the most outstanding for its “… great variety of theatrical resources to stage the magic of the story original” And they added in their ruling “The manipulation of objects, the richness of the visual and auditory planes and the world of puppets are harmoniously combined to bring Ayuni´s story to all audiences.”

The assembly of the Tárbol Puppet Theater group is a scenic version, made with animation puppets in view, which preserves the narrative and visual beauty with which the literary work recreates the Amazonian worldview telling us a fantastic story of love and search for own identity. The work has been directed by Martín Molina, participating in the animation of Puppets  María Laura Vélez y Martín Molina, in the composition and musical interpretation of José Antonio Núñez “Ukumari”, a musical collaboration with the theme by Inkeri Petrozzi. The virtual version is not the filming of the work as it would have been done in person, but is a proposal that links audiovisual resources by appealing to a new narrative but maintaining the spirit of the scenic work and the craftsmanship of the puppets. The work in it face to face version has been presented in addition to Peru, at international festivals and events in France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy Indonesia and Malaysia, obtaining the award for best artistic creation at the World Puppeta Carnival  Festival  (Malaysia 2019)

About Tarbol Puppet Teather

Tárbol Puppet Theater began its activities in 1999. It is made up of MaríaLaura Vélez (Actress-Puppeteer) and Martín Molina (Puppeteer) who approach puppet theater from various areas, emphasizing creation and dissemination; but also deepening in research, experimentation, specialized pedagogy, preparation of texts and materials, dissemination and management. To date they have a repertoire of 15 puppet theater works for family audiences, and several short pieces for adults, which have circulated through various theatrical and alternative spaces, as well as schools, festivals, streets and squares, rock concerts, and various events in Lima, in the interior of the country as well as in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

It has edited the book “Oficio de libres, del ancestral y contemporáneo arte de los títeres” (2018) published with the support of the Points of Culture program of the Ministry of Culture.

It has won the competition for dramaturgical adaptation and montage proposal “The Steamboat on Stage” (2017) with the adaptation of the play “Churi”. MaríaLaura Vélez and Martín Molina belong to Norbuling, our Peruvian Dzogchen Community.

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