The question is
if each individual is choosing to go
with their own flow,
how can there be collaboration?

There are three ways of going with the flow –

one way is to take control of the situation,
building a canoe or raft, the best one is able,
taking into account as many hazards of the river as one can.
With several people in the vessel,
one can steer,
one can watch for rocks or tree stumps in the way,
everyone can take turns
with everything which needs to be done.

Or one can relax completely and be swept unconsciously to where the water leads,
maybe down a rapids, hitting many rocks,
maybe into a still pond filled with weeds,
being stuck there until the next flood
clears out the debris,
including oneself,

an other way,
is to relax completely but remain awake and alert,
sensing from the turbulence in the water,
what lies ahead,
where to take the fastest stream,
and where to stay in calmer water,
where to swim and where to use a boat,
and where to walk along the bank.
Meeting others on the way,
who may be helpful, or not –
open to collaboration,
sharing skills,
building relationships,
according to what is possible at each moment,
knowing also when it may be,
a person travels alone for a time,
it can happen like that.

Julian King-Salter
February 22, 2017

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