Collective Practice and Karma Yoga Weekend at Namgyalgar

While practitioners were converging on Merigar for the auspicious anniversary day, worldwide practice of Guru Padmasambhava and simultaneous special opening of the Great Stupa of Enlightenment housing the bodily remains of our Beloved Master …. on the other side of the world here in Australia, Vajra family came together in Namgyalgar for a weekend of collective practice and karma yoga.

Not all of us arrived early enough for the Friday evening starter of sitting around and enjoying the large bonfire – perfect for warming the bones in the midwinter chilly evening under the canopy hosting infinite brilliant stars. Frosty early mornings were perfectly complemented by Sang.

Our retreat organiser, Pamela, travelled the long haul from Canberra and blessed us with her warm presence, ensuring we were all fed to great satisfaction.

Vajra dance sessions twice daily ensured beginners and advanced were all able to enter and enjoy the exquisite spatial, social, intimate play of contemplative movement.

Karma yoga sessions were scheduled twice daily and being many, all with open hearts and minds, we accomplished much together. The absence of a gekö has given us all more responsibility to take care of the precious land where so many have received transmission and the precious instructions.

Arnaud introduced new, interested people to the practices and enabled a gentle, clear, indirect entry into the community of practitioners. Evening ganapuja followed by khaita, a short break and Chöd was the perfect finale for the special celebration day of Rinpoche’s life and the worldwide community.

Maestro’s presence was tangible throughout our time together. The fruit of his activities were palpable in the relaxed, collaborative, harmonious ambience of a community of people deeply respectful of and grateful for the gifts of a truly liberated Master.

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