What is Contemplation in Dzogchen with Elias Capriles

A Retreat in Paris

What a joy it was to receive Elias Caprilès in Paris! During three intense days, our instructor clarified by his simple and profound explanations the Teachings of Rinpoche. The place where the retreat was organised was quite welcoming. And those who managed the place were very accommodating, even when some of our practices were a bit loud, like the Rushen of the Voice!

Elias Caprilès had wished to open this retreat to all the new practitioners discovering the Dzogchen Teachings, encompassing the essence of the Three Statements of Garab Dorje and the Introduction to Contemplation. And each participant, even those who have been practising for long particularly appreciated not only the theoretical clarity of Elias Caprilès, but also his capacity to inspire practice with enthusiastic application of instructions.

For the first time, Palriling broadcasted a retreat by Zoom. And it was a joy to share this with the 20 participants physically present and with another 18 participants who were present virtually. In those precious moments, the words of Rinpoche echoed with much vigour: the Santi Maha Sangha is “sailing together on the same boat” towards Realisation!

This event could not have been possible without the fruitful collaboration between the Gakyil and the people who helped to organise this retreat, but also thanks to the motivation of each participant. This was reflected during the day of questions and answers. Additionally, we had the pleasure of discovering a great choice of books enabling us to study and practice in our own rhythm the Teachings of our Master.

May all the benefits of this retreat ripen in each of us until the end of time!

I.D.C. Palriling
Paris, France

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