Continuation of Rinpoche’s Recorded Teachings Webcast

Atiyoga Teaching Retreat from Prague, 12-14 August 2016

Dear members of the Dzogchen Community,

Today, on Dakini day we are happy to announce the continuation of the Rinpoche’s recorded teachings webcast!

The next teaching that we are going to stream is the Atiyoga Teaching Retreat, which Rinpoche gave in 2016 in Prague, on August 12-14.

Here is the link to watch the Teaching record.

Russian and Spanish translation files are available at the bottom of the same page.

“I want to say welcome everybody to this retreat! We have only a few days being together. But even if we have only a few days we try to learn something useful for our daily life. That could be useful for everybody. And then I am very happy to be particularly here in this place. And also being with you everybody. Because I am happy for people who are learning a little what I am teaching – Dzogchen Teaching. This is not only for spreading teaching or tradition, etcetera. Even it is not only for people who are doing practice and mediation. But this is very useful for all sentient beings what we should learn – how is our real nature.” Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Retreat Program:

(webcast record) August 12 – The Teaching of Ati Yoga
August 12 – Explanation of Guruyoga for Worldwide Transmission Saturday
August 13 – WWT Guru Yoga Transmission
(webcast record) August 13 – The Teaching of Ati Yoga
(webcast record) August 13 – The Teaching of Ati Yoga
August 13 – Short Ganapuja and Khaita singing and dancing
(webcast record) August 14 – The Teaching of Ati Yoga
August 14 – Singing and Joyful Khaita dances See you there

Photos from the Retreat:

For a beautiful article about Retreat please visit The Mirror website:

English version
Russian version

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