Dance of the Song of the Vajra at Wodsalling, Russia

We danced, and a halo shone above us and a rainbow appeared. It was the last day of the retreat when we were already at the finish line. Over four days we danced the Dance of the Song of the Vajra 108 times. It was a beautiful retreat which started with signs: on the first day of the retreat there was a halo and a rainbow and at the end of the retreat it was the same, but the rainbow was without rain.

We danced, were cold and wet on the first day, basked in the sun on the rest of the days, laughed a lot, fooled around, ate delicious food, did practices of Ganapuja and Sang, met the Full Moon and developed the intention to do similar practical retreats in future at different Gars and Lings. Maxim Maximov pampered us with delicious treats – cooked soups of lamb broth to calm down our wind element, divine pancakes, hummus, and vegetable soups. We crawled home exhausted, ate lunch or dinner and flew like butterflies to the Mandala. 

Already during the practice we began to notice a change in our bodies, because the Dance of the Vajra harmonizes our Vajra and physical bodies, subtle channels straighten, and so on. We also hope that the obstacles with the land where we would like to build the winter Gönpa for dancing have dissolved into space.

And of course, once again, thanks to this practice we saw the power of transforming space and dedicated merits for the benefit of all sentient beings. You can participate with us next time in this amazing event as we will definitely make it a tradition.

Where the Dance of the Vajra is danced, this place becomes forever connected with the Teaching. Everyone who enters this space becomes connected to the Teaching, this place becomes forever sacred, because Dakas and Dakinis dance in this dimension together with us. Rinpoche spoke about it and it is written in the books on Vajra Dance. Possibly sometime in winter we will do it again. And then in spring, in summer, in autumn and again in winter.

And special thanks to Dima Bek for the idea of ​​such a retreat!

Yulia Ustinova,

Wodsalling, Russia

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