Dance of the Vajra at Palazzo Donà dalle Rose, Venice

and an important

Cultural Collaboration Agreement between ATIF and BIAS April 2019

dance vajra palazzo veniceThe day is very auspicious according to astrological indications and the Tibetan calendar: a combination of Fire and Fire, Progress in Life, Development, Riches, in both a spiritual and material sense. It is also the Day of Guru Padmasambhava and the ganapuja. On such a special day the Dance of the Vajra is presented in a remarkable place and way as well.

The International Atiyoga Foundation and Gyamtsholing (the Dzogchen Community of Venice) have been very kindly invited by Chiara and Francesco Donà dalle Rose to give a public performance of the Dance of the Three Vajras in the ancient Palazzo Donà dalle Rose in Venice.

Chiara Modica Donà is the President of BIAS, International Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art of Religions and Beliefs of Humanity, whose aims, among others, are dialogue between the various creeds of the world. The invitation to her 16th century palace is an invitation for collaboration with the International Atiyoga Foundation.

The entrance hall to the palace is ancient, large period lamps illuminate it with a dull, romantic light, except for three spotlights pointing on the mandalaon the beautiful Venetian floor, making its colors shine. On two sides a gondola and a sandal are heralds of the floating world that surrounds the palace, while the main door overlooks the lagoon, lashed today by a strong bora wind.

The international teacher of Dance of the Vajra, Adriana Dal Borgo, explains the meaning of the Dance, the colors, and the movements to the spectators, who are positioned more numerous than expected around the mandala, while the pawo and pamo, including instructors Paola Pillon and Maggiorina Capelli, wait to take their places. Dancers, male and female, have come from far and wide to participate in this special event and fill the mandala for an intense and absorbing Tun of the Three Vajras Dance. The melody starts and the practice of Meditation in Movement bears its fruit.

At the end of the Tun Adriana Dal Borgo invites the public to take off their shoes and try some simple steps, tsom, and the mudra of reabsorption and expansion following the timing of the melody of the Dance by Roberto Cacciapaglia. Many people move onto the mandala respectfully to follow more experienced dancers and the atmosphere is peaceful and serene. It seems that this palace is made to welcome the Dance transmitted by the Precious Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Everyone follows the movements according to their abilities, but each person is attentive and interested. More concentric circles are formed and the practice, simplified for the neophytes, continues until the melody ends and the A closes the session.

The moment has come for Marco Baseggio, president of Atiyoga Foundation, and Chiara Modica Donà dalle Rose to formally sign a cultural collaboration agreement that will lead, in 2020, to the presence of the International Atiyoga Foundation at the Biennial of Sacred Art in the Philosophical Pavilion on the theme The Game Il Gioco: the time of the game the game of time. Applause seals this important new step for the new foundation of the Dzogchen Community.

The public slowly leaves, the mandala is folded and stored, although it will soon return to visit the palace, thanks to the generous hospitality of Chiara and Francesco, on the occasion of some other special Dance day.

As it should be, we all head to a ‘bacaro’ (Venetian wine bar) for a cheerful toast!

Sabina Ragaini

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