December 8 – Rinpoche’s Gift of the Tara Practice


Green Tara by Wilvin Pedersen. Guache on canvas 2013

“You always bring me so many gifts on my birthday; today I want to offer you a gift! ”

It was December 8 many years ago when our Master said these words to us. Our venerable Merigar was still very young, our Vajra family was not as large as today and we older practitioners were a little younger.

That day the Master told us how his parents had wanted a child who did not arrive and how they had asked their guru, the great Adzom Drugpa, for advice, who suggested they turn to Tara. Rinpoche also told us that after some time his mother came to know of his arrival  through a dream and how, finally, thanks to Tara he arrived in this dimension to shine, Jewel of Heaven, illuminating all beings.

And so, after explaining to us how his coming into this world, an act of infinite generosity, had been mediated by Tara’s boundless compassion, that day he offered us his Gift, precious as were all his gifts: the practice of Green Tara. 

Since that day, every year on his birthday we have done the practice of Tara, knowing that our Mother had thought of us and that, in addition to benefiting all the beings of this globe, she had sent us the luminous Jewel so that we could continue a path that began many lifetimes ago. 

In a few days it will be December 8th once again. Today, after so many years and so many happenings, we need more than ever the compassion of our mother Tara. Today more than ever let us turn to her with total trust and devotion and may her omnipotent intervention help us to continue the path we have started and never lose our presence of the Guru at the center of our hearts. 

We will find ourselves again in the presence of the Jewel of Heaven, and one day we, his Sangha, all together like a pile of rice will be able to experience the end of the path!

Ana Maria Humeres

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