December 8 Sky Festival – The Jewel of the Sky

Arcidosso, Tuscany, Italy, December 8, 2021 

Despite some initial difficulties we managed to organize one of the most fun, happy and joyful days in the world! We would like to thank all of the people who participated in this beautiful event.

The Mayor of Arcidosso Jacopo Marini 

Cardinal Augusto Paolo Lojudice who visited Merigar

The Gar and the Lings of all the world who sent us beautiful and colorful costumes.

Cirque Garuda, Jaka, Khaita Joyful Dances, Zeng Zhuo, Qu Shi Mei Mei, Gompo Tsering, with amazing performances that gave all of us heartwarming emotions.

Team momo with Tenzin Kunga, Salima Celeri, Viola Maglietti, Veronica, Gabriele, Constance, Anna, Francesco, Maria, Tomy and Davide who managed to cook 4000 meat momo and 1000 veggie momo for us to enjoy a super delicious lunch and dinner!

Thanks to MACO museum and Alex Siedlecki who helped us with all the organization.

Petra who managed to keep our powerful Snowlion and majestic Yak calm in front of the people

And of course thanks to our wonderful photographer and video maker Michele Salvatore!

Thank you again for this beautiful day. Thanks to the whole Community around the globe that once again showed how united and strong we are.

Happy Birthday to our Precious Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Dynamic team and Merigar

Photos by Michele Salvatore

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