Developing and Applying Presence and Awareness

On April 2nd and 3rd, at Kundusling, Barcelona, Spain, we attended the event “How to develop and apply presence and awareness”. The course was taught by Igor Berkhin, Sachiko Fullita and Olaya Martinez

Igor Berkhin made excellent use of the two sessions that he led; the first was introductory and the second one very practical. The style of Igor’s explanations left no room for doubts or confusion but encouraged us to be diligent in our practice.

Sachiko Fullita gently and attentively taught us the importance of the Dance of the 12 A and the 6 Syllables of Samantabhadra.

Olaya Martinez introduced us to yantra yoga and the Breathe method with rigor and clarity.

It was a magnificent opportunity to introduce the Dzogchen teachings to those who did not know them, while practitioners could recall essential ideas and the fundamental pillars of the practice in our daily lives. Being able to relive daily practice in the Community brings to life our feelings of belonging to the great Vajra family where the valuable teachings of our precious Master are always present in our body, speech and mind, aspects that this course introduced in a clear and essential way.

Eva Riestra

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