Died – Aloka Pascual



On September 16th, in Barcelona, our Vajra Sister Aloka Pascual left her body after a long battle against cancer. Even though her illness was strong, she was always stronger than her illness. All the time, she remained active and available to collaborate with the Community. And although her body reached the maximum weakness and cancer managed to expand, she remained calm, present, brave and loving. For all of us, who were close to her during this long period of illness, she has become a great example of a good practitioner. Many of us talk about her as Dakini Aloka.

She spent much time in Tashigar North, Margarita Island in Venezuela, where she had / has a house. She so loved this place where she expressed a very great generosity both physical work and with financial donations. She was a strong person and at the same time very sensitive and empathetic. She could enjoy life with simple things such as eating papaya in the garden, or go to the beach by her bike “Vespa” and enjoyed to dance at parties gar. In addition, she was very committed to Dzogchen teaching and she participated in all courses with passion and seriousness. She could be seen in the Gönpa and at the end of the retreat session she would be at work in the kitchen to prepare food and juice for everyone. She was never tired and always offered joy and jokes at all.

Aloka dear, we miss you so much, but we know that the road is bright and quiet, beyond our attachment to your smile and your presence.

We keep you in our hearts.

Evolución, no revolución. Evolution, not revolution.

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