Died – Angel Julio Ojeda Estévez, Tenerife

Dear Members and friends of the Dzogchen Community NorthTenerife, We have to communicate sad news to all. Our dear Vajra Brother, Angel Julio Ojeda Estévez, is starting the path of the Fourth Bardo surrounded by his children and closest people. Please include him in your prayers and practices.

Angel Julio has been a very beloved member of Meriling (Dzogchen Community North Tenerife) and an exceptional contributor since the beginning of the Dzogchen Community in Tenerife. He collaborated in the preparation of Rinpoché’s first visit to the island, in different weeks of Tibetan culture in La Laguna and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, he was the tireless driver of Rinpoche on the Punta del Hidalgo and a caring, generous friend and Vajra brother with an immense sense of humor and extraordinary sensitivity. His loyalty and gratitude to the Master has been the cornerstone of his life.

Guanche warrior, you will always be in our memory and in our hearts!

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