Died – Anneriet Hetterschij-Meijers

Dear Sangha,

Today, February 16th, 2023, our beloved Vajra sister Anneriet Hetterschij-Meijers died at 4 p.m. after a long period of illness. She has always been a source of light in our Dzogchen Community. She was a caring person, gentle and loving and it was a gift to have known her. She made us laugh, cry, and was always ready to connect and help people, a true ‘Mensch’ who was able to integrate our precious teachings.
An active member of the Rangdrolling Gakyil she was important in establishing the Ling in Amsterdam. See you next life dear Anneriet. Your radiance will linger within us. May your Bardo be swift!
We kindly request you to keep her in your prayers. Tonight at 07.30 pm we will do Shitro practice on Zoom:
Zoom link:
Rangdrolling Practice Together
https://zoom.us/j/94244805843? pwd= TDdkSFhZNDZvcjZWajdldU9FUmJtUT 09
Meeting ID: 942 4480 5843
Passcode: 314887

Rangdrolling Gakyil

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