Died – Barbara Hammann

Barbara_HammannOur Vajra Sister Barbara Hammann from Munich, Germany, died on the evening of July 20th,2018. Please include her in your practice.

Professor Dr. Barbara Hammann a member of Yeshiling/Munich passed away on Friday July 20th, around 7:15 pm after a long chronic illness. She was 72 years old.

In 2002, Barbara met the Master for the first time. As a very active member of our Sangha in Munich, she organized practice meetings for many years and invited us in 2006 to her atelier to plan how we could develop a Ling in Munich. She wrote an article for the German “Dzogchen Brief” about Rinpoche and several times gave an introductory speech when the Sangha was invited for special events. She loved the Dance of the Vajra and the Mandarava practice.

Feeling well, she just had taken an appointment to go out for a walk. Waiting for the friend to fetch her, she died suddenly at home and alone in peaceful circumstances.

Shitro is organized in Yeshiling/Munich, Dargyäling/Cologne and other places in Germany.

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