Died – Chimey Lee



Dear Friends,
On Monday January 9, our vajra sister Chimey Lee passed away at home in Berkeley, California. She was an active Dzogchen Community member at Dondrubling, regularly attending Ganapuja and other group practices.

Many will remember her fondly for her strong spirited presence and unique and singular way of being and moving through the world. Chimey would ride her bike always, in all weather to the Ling, well into her old age. She was deeply interested in astrology and made sure that we were aware of the transits:)

In addition to her connection with our precious Teacher, she had spent time requesting teachings in Sikkim from Dudjom Rinpoche, Chatral Rinpoche and others. Please remember her in your practice.

Dondrubling will continue hosting Xitro practice on Tuesdays at 6pm Pacific (GMT -8) to support her in addition to our other dear sisters and brothers who have recently passed.

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