Died – Dan Toganel, Romania

Dan Toganel

As some of you might already know, recently we found out about the loss of one of our Romanian Vajra brother, Dan Toganel. It came as a shock for everybody, especially because he died around 2 years ago. He had started a new phase of his life. He got married maybe just a few months before he had a heart attack and passed away.  His communication with the community was quite loose lately and most of us believed he was just being very busy and distant. This is a lesson for many of us on impermanence and on the importance of keeping in touch with all those we share the Vajra connection.

Dan Toganel was born in 1976 in the year of the Fire Dragon. He became a member of Merigar East in 2009, being one of the first local practitioners to join the Gar established in Romania just a couple of years before that. He was quite active and dedicated to the community for a long time.

His friendly and warm-hearted nature was very important for some practitioners who were coming for the first time to Merigar East. They felt welcome and this encouraged them to come again and become part of the community.

The Romanian Dzogchen Community organized a few Shitro practices for him and we are grateful for all those who joined us, near and far. We thank you for including him in your practices.

Merigar East 2012 Retreat with Nina Robinson. Dan Toganel is the one standing, right next to the statue of Garab Dorje.

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