Died – Micaela Landoni

Our Vajra Sister Micaela Landoni from Como, Italy recently passed away after a short illness. Micaela was a long standing member of Merigar West. Her husband, Mimmo, made this final post on her Facebook page as a tribute to her.

Micaela LandoniMicaela Landoni passed away on 6 September. On September 10 her body was cremated and it is now definitely gone. We all hope that she was able to integrate in the state of contemplation.

On July 18 at the beginning of her illness she had asked me to publish a photo of both of us from the 70’s on her Facebook profile (a premonition?).

As her last public post, she asked me to publish a much more recent photo in which you can see that everything between us remained unchanged since 1973, the year in which we first met and were both 20 years old.

Thank you Micaela for these 43 years during which we lived through so many experiences together.

You’ve been a wonderful friend, lover, Dharma sister, wife, mother of our much loved daughters and grandmother to our beloved grandchildren.

I want to say goodbye to Micaela with two songs that have accompanied our life. The first is a song of when we first met – young hippies in the Breccia group – and that we loved listening to and singing.


The second is a song from more recent years, from the Tibetan Khaita dances that Micaela was so interested in.


I would like to thank everyone, and in particular Master Namkhai Norbu, our dear friend Bob, and the Vajra brothers and sisters from Como and Merigar who helped during her illness and preparation for death.

The love that I have always had for Micaela is now the hope that she may recognize the primordial state in her voyage through death.

Ciao Michi


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