Died – Stoffelina Verdonk

Dear Sangha,

We are deeply sorry to share with you some very sad news about our dear Vajra Dance, Khaita and Santi Maha Sangha instructor, Stoffelina Verdonk, and her sister, Janna.

Yesterday, at the end of the afternoon (4.30pm), they had a car accident near St. Affrique, in the south of France. Both of them died. Our vajra brothers went to identify the bodies this morning and they both looked asleep, relaxed.

Two adults and two children are still in hospital. A vajra brother (still in the hospital, not bad injuries) was driving.

We are in shock.

We will soon share more information about the Shitro practices organized for Stoffelina and Janna.

Tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. a Webcast of Ganapuja and Shitro from Merigar will be led by Adriano Clemente.

The Gakyil of Dejamling

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