The Story of Dolma Tamang and the Surgery for Life Fund

surgery life fundIn July, our Kathmandu office received a request for help from Tsultrim Sangmo, principal of Manasarovar School, which we have been supporting through the long-distance sponsorship project since 1999. 

The request was for Dolma Tamang, a 57-year-old Tibetan refugee and mother of two former students at the school. Dolma was the victim of a terrible domestic accident: due to a gas leak in her kitchen, she suffered second-degree burns on 26 percent of her body. 

The accident occurred on June 29, and Dolma immediately underwent a series of surgeries on her face, arms, and legs. 

Health care in Nepal is fee-for-service and inaccessible for most people, who live from small daily activities.

To make a living Dolma sells bread on the streets of Boudhanath, near the great Stupa. Her husband is currently unemployed and in order to send their two children to college they had to take out a loan with the bank. Not knowing how to cope with the medical expenses, she turned to Manasarovar School, a focal point for the Tibetan refugee community in Kathmandu.

As soon as we received the request, we sent out an appeal to our supporters, who promptly and generously donated to the Surgery for Life Fund, which enables us to respond to the many requests for help we receive from sick people who urgently need treatment but cannot afford it.

The solidarity that was triggered made all the difference for Dolma, whose medical situation is very difficult. After a week in intensive care and a series of further complications, Dolma was discharged from the hospital at the end of August and is continuing treatment from home.

The support of so many sensitive and generous people has been crucial for Dolma and her family.

The Surgery for Life Fund allows us to intervene early to help those in need of medical care.

You, too, can contribute by making a donation on ASIA’s website. Click on and select “Surgery for Life” from the dropdown in the “My Donation” column on the left. 

Health is one of the fundamental rights of a person, which recognizes their dignity. We want to protect it to ensure it for as many people as possible.

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