A Unique Event in Hungary in Autumn 2018

 Going deeper into the experience of Khaita with Drajyor

For many years Khaita has been a very important part of our Sangha gatherings in Merigar East. This year we also danced every day during the retreat, enjoying singing and dancing together.  Khaita has so many levels of benefits that everyone can find something useful for him or herself.  One very interesting aspect is how we find ourselves in the presence of the other dancers in the space. We can learn how to respect each other’s dimension and how to interweave our path with the path of others. While dancing Khaita together we can feel how we are growing as a Sangha, how we become more connected with each other. Khaita helps us to evolve on an individual and on a group level. In Merigar East we have always felt very strongly how Khaita helps practitioners to collaborate with respect and to discover  the power of working together in a more relaxed and open manner.

Drajyor-Khaita Course Budapest 12-14 October 2018

Paying respect and collaboration during the Sangha retreat in Merigar East, 2018

Drajyor-Khaita Course Budapest 12-14 October 2018

Continuing  our collaboration in joy and harmony we would like to invite you to participate in a very unique event, which will take place for the first time in our community: Drajyor and Khaita Joyful Dances with Monika Walczak and Fabian Sanders, organized  by the Hungarian Sangha in collaboration with Shang Shung Foundation.

During this course we will go deeper into one of the most important aspects of Khaita, connected with the importance of Tibetan culture, especially in the context of preserving the Tibetan language. In every session after studying the rules of Drajyor transcription, we will sing and read the meaning of the chosen songs talking about important aspects of Tibetan culture and traditions. Having the understanding of what the song is about we will also dance together enjoying our presence in the meaning of the lyrics. In this way we will try to learn more about this wonderful ancient culture whose core motivation has, for centuries, been the happiness of all beings, in harmony with the environment where they live.

Written by Monica Walczak, Khaita instructor

Drajyor-Khaita Course Budapest 12-14 October 2018

Drajyor-Khaita Course Budapest 12-14 October 2018

Last Khaita course in Hungary

Drajyor-Khaita Course Budapest 12-14 October 2018

In the last years there have already been three Khaita courses in Budapest. Based on the experiences of these courses, Khaita dancing has slowly started to evolve in Hungary. We are actually doing an experimental course in Autumn, going deeper into the essence of the songs with better pronuciation of the Tibetan language based on Drajyor and with an understanding the core meaning.

We will dance with the intention to dedicate this course for the evolution of Khaita dancing and for continuing to grow and flourish in every Dzogchen Ling and Gar.

Everyone is welcome to join to the course and see the beautiful radiant colors of the Autumn in Budapest!

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