Drajyor and Tibetan Language Course with Fabian Sanders

Combined with Khaita Joyful Dances led by Erika Motylova and Voice Training with Alexandru Anton

Merigar East, Romania, 28th August – 7th September 2019

drajyor tibetan course

Soft Sea breeze, sun rays and the sound of a motorbike…. Yes, that is how we started the Drajyor and Khaita Joyful Dances course. Fabian Sanders arrived with his son on his motorbike via the beautiful  Transfăgărășan – a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.
The Drajyor/Khaita part we divided into 2 sessions – a morning session with Drajyor classes and the afternoon we booked for Khaita. Explanations were very clear and profound and gave a new picture on Tibetan phonetics for those who were learning for the first time, and offered deeper understanding and more practice for those who had already attended the earlier course. We trained in reading collective practices but also tried reading and translating songs from the collection Message from Tibet.

drajyor tibetan courseThe Khaita classes were very different from the morning sessions. Especially because people who attended only Khaita had time to relax their bodies in the nearby Black Sea. Our beginners group succeeded in learning 5 dances and it is hard to measure the joy, the feeling of connection and happiness that people have thanks to experiencing something new. We could notice the power of group cooperation, a lot of acceptance and confidence through body, movement and mind. Below you can find one of the participant’s thoughts on meeting Khaita for the first time and again. Definitely worth to experience and continue this precious practice.

For me it was a beautiful experience that put me in touch with the joy of being connected. I felt more in touch with myself at the end of the Khaita Workshop and I even managed to leave my mind aside for a few days.                          

drajyor tibetan courseThe Tibetan language course was more intense, as we were studying both morning and afternoon classes. There was a very basic introduction into Tibetan language – alphabet, basics of grammar and after that continuing in deepening the grammar structure. The study material was very condensed, but as always, when the School for Tibetan Language and Translation is involved, all participants at the venue and those connected by zoom can also review the material later. Those who couldn´t attend can receive the recordings later and keep learning and joining – for example, Tibetan language translation classes with excerpts from The Precious Vase. Like this we can also build a base for deeper understanding and enjoying the dharma language and teachings more directly.

drajyor tibetan courseFabian was as always very generous not only with sharing his language knowledge, but also we could enjoy his lecture about sound and its connection to our practice and everyday life. And what’s more on the last day we could also enjoy Fabian´s cooking skills when preparing together some delicious Italian pasta.
During the Tibetan language course we could relax our minds tired by intense learning with Alex, our sound-skilled Geko – he spent few times of voice and sound training with us.
It was very fruitful time for all of us, we are deeply thankful to our precious Master, that we could meet together, use and deepen methods, He has shared with us. Let´s continue!

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