Dreams, Mirrors and Sunglasses

All photos by Raf Portas

All photos by Raf Portas

After many years our dream of having a Ling in London has become … well, not really a “reality” since all is but a dream… but let’s say more of a “concrete dream” and we started our first auspicious season of teachings and courses at Lekdanling, London. And so it happened that our first ever weekend retreat, December 4-6, was “Dream Yoga” with Michael Katz.

Michael opened the course with a general introduction to the practice of dreaming. He described the background of Dream Yoga and lucid dreaming from the point of view of western psychology, various spiritual and shamanistic traditions but mostly that of Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen especially.

After this introduction we spent the next two days lying on the floor a lot, wearing sunglasses both indoors and outdoors (even though the sun was nowhere to be seen) … and staring at our hands and mirrors.

On a more serious note – the course was simply excellent.


We used various techniques, including dream dramatisation and did lots of practice after which we shared our experiences. The atmosphere was fantastic, we all collaborated really well and had a good party too! Quite a few people managed to apply the practice correctly and had lucid dream experiences and rested in Natural Light.

I think that all who were present would agree that this Dream Yoga retreat was both profound and very much fun! Simply great!

And remember this: you are but a dream manifesting from emptiness.

Raf Portas


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