Presentation of the New Project of the Dzamling Gar Gönpa

dzamling gar gonna new project

By Giovanni Boni at Dzamling Gar on Friday, June 16, 2017

Today there will be a very short presentation to give an update on the state of the project for the construction of the center and the Gönpa.

After a long time we have finally received the permits so that we can start work. However, this period of waiting was very useful because it allowed us to study the previous project better and led us to a decision to simplify it. We have done that, with the result that it will also cost less, and we are planning to finish construction by the end of 2018 so that it can be used.

I’m going to explain a little about the changes that have been made. Fundamentally there is no longer the wavy roof covering of the previous project. The roof has been made in a more simple way with rectilinear laminated beams, which made the whole structure more simple. The surface area of the roof covering will be approximately 1860 square meters, while the closed area of the Gönpa hall will be about 1100 square meters.

The large terrace [on which the Gönpa will be constructed] is about 2500 square meters. There will be an area that will be garden dedicated to the children and for children’s activities. The external part of the construction will be filled with earth sloping up to the level of the terrace. There will be a set of central stairs from the paths in front of the houses to access the level of the terrace.

The first phase of the project will be finished in December 2018 and will only include the closing of the entire construction, the terrace, and the Gönpa, but not the internal parts underneath the terrace.

We have prepared some designs of the new project.

dzamling gar gonna new project

One of the designs (07) shows the lower floor when the second phase of the project has been completed. On the right there will be a medical center where there will be treatments such as massage, balneotherapy, moxa, etc. and which will have two entrances: one from the road above and the other from below from Dzamling Gar. The part on the left will be made up of 14 small rooms each with a bathroom and will accommodate the people doing treatments and other people.

Below this floor, there will be a basement with a garage and a storage area.

There is a plan of the roof in sections, and another cross-section design of the Gönpa showing the two levels. The highest part in the center of the Gönpa will be 5.5 meters, more or less the height of the central part of the tent at Dzamling Gar. Under the Gönpa the center will be more or less the size of the tent.

In another design you can see the main central stairs from the level of the paths at the Gar leading up to the terrace of the Gönpa. The terrace will go all around the Gönpa and there will be terraced gardens on each side of the stairs. There will also be ramps going up in order to give access to wheelchair users. The interior of the Gönpa will be painted.

dzamling gar gonpa new project

In the last months we have created a new Project team – I won’t mention all the names – in which we have a project director, a bookkeeper, and architects Benedetta Tagliabue and Salvador Gilabert directing the work. We are doing our best to bring the project to fruition in the timeframe I mentioned earlier.

Thank you everyone, particularly our Teacher and for the possibility he has given us to realize this great project.

Perhaps Rinpoche would like to say something.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu asked everyone to collaborate to finish the Project as soon as possible:

I would like to thank you firstly for the project that you have drawn up. Finally we have decided on it and are putting it into action. This is very important because it is not just something to talk about or show to people. It is something concrete. We are developing it and doing something concrete at Dzamling Gar day and night. It is my wish that this program is realized and that everybody can see it become concrete.

I, personally, am working for this project, doing what is necessary, doing my best in order to realize it. It is not only for me but for the whole Dzogchen Community and it is important that everyone participating in the Dzogchen Community, all the Gars and all the Lings, should understand that.

Up to now we have had a lot of collaboration and I would like to thank everyone for that. Our work, our program, is not yet finished, but we should all try to do our best. We would like to realize it as soon as possible because life is short and time is passing. Everybody should be aware of this. This is the only thing that I wanted to ask everybody.

And I would really like to thank all the people working for this project because I’m very satisfied for everything that has been done. And I know that they will keep on and continue until the end. And this is what we do. Thank you.



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