Dzamling Gar New Gakyil

Dear Vajra Family,

On Wednesday April 27th, 2022, at the Annual General Meeting of Dzamling Gar a new Gakyil was approved.

We would very much like to thank Raul Barratini and Sébastien Remy for their wonderful work, dedication and service. They both completed their Gakyil service this year.

At the same time we welcome five new members – Masha Yung (Red Gakyil) and Andrea Casetti,(Blue Gakyil), Elena Ignateva, Gloriana Brenes (Titi) Gonzales (Yellow Gakyil)

Current Gakyil members remaining:
Justin Hudgins, President (Blue Gakyil)
Carles Jañez Brucet, Vice President (Red Gakyil)
Naomi Zeitz, Secretary (Blue Gakyil)
Tiziana Luna Lattarulo (Yellow Gakyil)

With many Tashi Delegs!
Dzamling Gar Gakyil

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