Dzamling Gar New Gakyil

dzamling gar new gakyil

upper row l-r: Richard Steven, Dragana Lukic, Nadia Yermakova, Yana Korpan, Inna Ossinkina, Nataly Nietsche (+Samantha:), Marek Riesz, Yanchi Kompis, (lower row l-r: Michal Gibowski, Alessandra Policreti, Thupten Rabgyi (Gekö)

Dear Vajra Family,

After approval from Rinpoche and the Annual General Meeting, we would like to inform you about the new members in the Gakyil of Dzamling Gar (new members – marked in bold):

Michał Gibowski (president)
Ján Kompiš

Alejandro Acuña (vice-president)
Dragana Lukic (secretary)

Inna Ossinkina
Nadia Yermakova

We would like to thank the gakyil members who are leaving:
Richard Steven (blue),
Nataly Nitsche Di Gaetano, Cinderella Pernía, Alessandra Policreti (red),
Yana Korpan and Marek Riesz (yellow)

We are so fortunate that we are close to such a precious Master who is giving us great opportunities to be free and happy – connected with him and collaborating with each other. We can really evolve together and bring concrete benefit to all beings. It is nice to remember and appreciate it. That’s why we want to thank everybody who collaborates – without you what we have now would not have manifested.

And a big thank you to the gakyil members who are leaving! We feel that it is not just a moment when six people are leaving their positions. We are like a family, they are also our friends. And there is a huge amount of work behind them. Sometimes it is not possible to see everything from outside but they really offered to others years of work of body, speech and mind from their lives, doing the best they could. We would like to thank them from our hearts even though it is just a few words, and wish them all the best in their future lives. Everything they dedicated will stay forever within them. May all their good actions manifest their fruit at the Global Gar and for the happiness of all beings!

Thank you.



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