Dzamling Gar Newsletter Autumn-Winter Season

Dear World Wide Community,

Happy New Year, 2022! Greetings from Dzamling Gar! We hope that you are all safe and healthy.

The year of the Water Tiger is fast approaching. We have prepared some updates to keep you informed about future events and recent happenings at our Global Gar.

With the very best wishes,
Dzamling Gar Gakyil

Despite all challenges, Dzamling Gar maintains an active indoor and outdoor practice life when possible thanks to the vast space inside our beautiful Gönpa and terraces and we continue many programs on webcast and zoom – from Yantra Yoga, Khalong, Santi Maha Sangha retreats to Ganapujas and other collective practices by webcast with Merigar West.

On the eve of Losar we are pleased to present our Lungta campaign here to benefit our Global Gar and also the fundraising activity with auction and lottery at the Mandarava Retreat, March 3-18, so be on alert for the information and display of the many precious and beautiful objects that will be available live and online at the retreat.

Losar Fundraising Projects In Dzamling Gar

Fundraising auction Saturday 5th March @ 12 noon after the morning Mandarava session. Lottery last day of the retreat Friday 18th March @ 12 noon after the morning Mandarava session.

Join our Dzamling Gar Lungta campaign and have all the benefits! The Prayer Flags will be hung for you in Dzamling Gar for Losar. It is a great way to balance your energy, eliminate obstacles and increase your fortune for the upcoming year!

Losar – March 3
Mandarava Retreat – March 3-18

Past Retreats and Courses

Khaita month November 2021

In November, Dzamling Gar became the host for two marvelous Khaita events – first was the second part of the Khaita Educational Program from November 7th to 14th with Adriana Dal Borgo, and the second was a dazzling celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Khaita with performances by our local Khaita troupe and the children’s Khaita dance group.

Rinpoche’s birthday and Khaita performances December 2021

The evening began with a Tara Ganapuja  followed by the usual dazzling Khaita performance, an auction, and a super momo feast while being serenaded by music and dance. A joyful event in the classic Dzamling Gar style!

Advanced Khalong Dorje Kar – live and zoom with Prima Mai

There was an advanced Khalong Vajra Dance course with Prima Mai from December 1-7 in the Gönpa and on Zoom attended by dedicated and devoted practitioners. We are also fortunate to have the wonderfully enormous Gönpa that allows for more than one large Khalong mandala to be used.

Longsal Vajrasattva Practice Live, Webcast and Zoom with Adriano Clemente

A highlight of the winter program was a retreat of the Longsal Vajrasattva Practice with Adriano Clemente from December 9-13. Dzamling Gar is grateful to Adriano for offering such a wonderful retreat.

Advanced Yantra Yoga Zoom only with Fabio Andrico and assistants Nataly Nitsche, Maxim Leschenko, Alina Kramina, and Valeria Spasskaia

Another well attended Zoom course with Fabio Andrico  and his excellent assistants from January 7-16 for a very inspirational and precise advanced training for all who love Yantra Yoga. Thank you to Fabio and his great helpers and all who attended and persevered.

Upcoming Courses and Programs

  • Kumar Kumari Teacher Training with Laura Evangelisti January 29-February 3
  • Jigme Lingpa’s Lion’s Roar with Elias Capriles  February 1-7
  • Dance of the Song of Vajra part 1 with Luda Kudryavceva  February 9-14
  • Yantra Yoga for Pregnancy with Laura Evangelisti  February 6-10
  • Seven Lotuses with Maxim Leschenko February 15-21
  • Drajyor with Fabian Sanders February 19-20
  • Dance of the Song of Vajra part 2 Luda Kudryavceva February 22- March 1
  • Losar March 3
  • Mandarava Retreat March 3-18

SPECIAL EVENTS  coordinated by ATIF with the Mayor and Ayuntamiento of Adeje

Mentalizate – Health and Wellbeing Conference in Adeje, Tenerife

On December 17th, 2021 a conference on health and wellbeing in the time of Covid was held. Initiated by the Mayor of Adeje, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, this project is named “Mentalizate”: The aim of this project is to make the public of Adeje aware of the consequences of the ongoing pandemic on their own mental health and equip them to cope with the effects in a positive way. Together with the professionals running the workshops, there was also a team of instructors from the International Dzogchen Community from Dzamling Gar. The International Dzogchen Community has in fact been requested to take part in this project and also conducts weekly courses of Yantra Yoga, Kumar Kumari and Khaita dances for both adults and children throughout the year..

See article in The Mirror:

Works in the Gar


The Gakyil and Community members made a much needed space for courses and activities beneath the Gönpa. A dedicated team of workers (Carles, Pancho, Luda, Lidia, Ilya and more) took some of the flooring that was used in the white tent and acoustic curtains to make a space that can be used when there are simultaneous activities or for the future when the permanent acoustics for the Gönpa will be installed and we need a place to hold courses and activities. It has already been of great benefit already in its young life and used often for a variety of activities.

Recent Garden and Stone Walls

The most recent garden made by the intrepid team headed by Alix, and the ever present Nicola, Igor and Adrian, is to the right of the Gönpa when you are facing it. It is merely another beautiful addition to our stunning Dzamling Gar world of flowers, plants and trees.

To the left of the Gönpa will be another new garden and stone walls have been heroically placed by Nicola, Igor and Olaf as the design for this newest garden in the Gar. The walls are very aesthetically pleasing and should provide a particular flavor to the newest garden.

Acoustic Support (temporary) in Gönpa

We decided to renew the acoustic curtains that were previously installed in the ceiling of the main Gönpa in order to improve the sound until the permanent acoustic system is installed – we hope this work will start in April 2022.  Pancho, Carles, Luda, Lidia, Ilya and Sasha worked at this herculean task for several weeks in December before Christmas and we are very grateful for their dedication and efforts that prove to have greatly improved the sound in the Gönpa.

Friday Night Dinners @ the Cafeteria

Every Friday night for several months, when the pandemic allowed, Rabgyi and his cafeteria team provided wonderful dinners and company. There were feasts from around the world from paella to gnocchi to lasagna to thukpa to Malaysian cuisine and more. There was also a daily breakfast cafe with delicious treats and steaming coffee, golden milk and teas. It is a wonderful way for the Community to be together and make a treat-ful fundraiser for new webcast equipment for Dzamling Gar. We hope to continue once the pandemic allows, and continue to raise funds for the renovation of the Cafeteria and other important projects for the Gar. Thank you to Rabgyi and his team!

Report from Rabgyi:

We did 18 Friday nights dinners

We opened the cafeteria 17 weeks for the morning coffee and cakes

We made total profit €5,569.66

Positions Open

Gakyil colors needed: 1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Yellow.  Please send your CV and cover letter to with the subject line: Gakyil Application 2022 by February 22, 2022.

Secretary call: If you would like to apply, please send your CV and cover letter to The opening begins training in May 2022. The deadline for sending the applications is March 15, 2022.

Hopes for the Future

Gönpa Acoustics: Dzamling Gar is waiting with great anticipation for the new permanent acoustics to be installed in the Gonpa. We hope that the work with be begin in April 2022.

Cafeteria: We are looking forward to upgrading the cafeteria and looking towards opening to the public in the not too distant future. Any donations towards the cafeteria kitchen upgrade, the floor, licensing, etc.,are welcome. Please indicate what you are donating for here:

Garden: Completion of Gönpa garden to the left of the Gönpa.

Adeje: We look forward to being involved in more activities with Adeje.

Wellbeing Retreats Project: The new Wellbeing Project will be launching in April, 2022. Tell your friends!

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