Dzamling Gar Newsletter Spring Season 2022

Dear World Wide Community,

Greetings from Dzamling Gar! We hope that you are all safe and healthy.

We have prepared some updates to keep you informed about future events and recent happenings at our Global Gar.

With the very best wishes,
Dzamling Gar Gakyil

Leading up to Losar we had a well attended Indian music solo concert in the Gönpa and by Zoom on February 25th with Steven Landsberg on sitar and after the concert a delicious Indian feast made by Fabian Sanders and his kitchen team in the cafeteria. Since all of the news of Ukraine was very fresh, both of these activities became a benefit for the Ukrainians impacted by the war, and it helped we who are far away feel we could participate with some kind of offering to the victims.

Mandarava Retreat – March 3-18, 2022

The Losar and Mandarava season started in a subdued fashion due the conflict in Ukraine. But we carried on in the traditional fashion with a very tasty divination soup, made by our “Tibetan” doctors Irina and Medegema, also the fire puja a few days before and then in the early morning of Losar star water dipping, some courageous ones went to the sea before dawn, warm and tasty rice breakfast and chai after in the cafeteria, then the traditional Mandarava practice in the Gönpa, Khaita practice, lunch together, games in the afternoon, then a webcast Ganapuja from Merigar West with Adriano Clemente followed by webcast Khaita practice. On March 5th there was also a live and zoom sang and serkyem practice. So as you can see, the Losar festivities were very complete!

All of the retreat was offered by webcast and zoom, 900 people registered and each day approximately 200 people participated from all corners of the globe. Replays allowed people in various time zones to participate. We owe a debt of gratitude to our Project Manager Vicky Gonzalez and all the karma yogis who managed the retreat.

Not only were there Mandarava practices, but Khaita and Vajra Dance thuns continued throughout the retreat. So there was no lack of activity or practice. For the two weeks of the Mandarava retreat that traditionally begins on Losar, there was a very rich program. Every morning we would watch a replay of Rinpoche’s Mandarava teachings from the past.

Fabio Andrico was ever present and with great skill, endurance and patience, introduced or reintroduced the sogtig and tsalungs of Mandarava and led us very kindly through innumerable practice sessions.

There were different forms of Mandarava practice, long and short and essential, and in the afternoons alternate days Nina Robinson did explanations and led practices from her home near Merigar West via Zoom.

When Nina was not leading, the Mandarava practice was led in the Gar by webcast and zoom by Sebastien Remy and Naomi Zeitz.

There were three talks by Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo on Tibetan Medicine and Mandarava related topics, like sogtig, tsalung and Tibetan Medicine, chudlen, diet and behavior, and the making of tseril pills.

For seven days, Fabian Sanders helped us understand the pronunciation and meaning of the Manadarava practice live and by zoom.

On the last day we actually did a Mandarava practice with Rinpoche via replay which was wonderful and the feeling was as if he was there with us.

Projects In Dzamling Gar

On the second to last day of Mandarava retreat, there was the grand finale auction, organized and presented by Lena Dumcheve and Tim Cabot with their team of online helpers and lovely Khaita presenters.

The auction had many beautiful and special treasures and thanks to the generosity of the International Dzogchen Community was very successful. It raised a total of €66,540. €57,110 will go to supporting Dzamling Gar. There were also four prizes dedicated to the fund to help Ukrainians and €9,430 will go to Emergency Support. Fundraised by Dzamling Gar besides of auction:€53.000. Total in Dzamling Gar for Ukraine: €62430.

Thanks to all donors who contribute financially and by offering precious Prizes. If you wish to offer a Prize for our future fundraising events please contact Lena Dumcheva, Gakyil fundraising assistant

Lungta Campaign 2022

With pleasure we express our deep gratitude to everyone who participated in the 2022 Lungta Campaign. Thank you very much for contributing and supporting Dzamling Gar. The Lungta hung on your behalf in the Gar will spread blessings and harmony on the wind, something that is so necessary during these dark times. With your help we raised more than €18000 during this year’s Campaign.
All your Lungta generously donated are being flown in Dzamling Gar NOW by our hard-working group of karmayogis! We aspire and hope for the peace in the World.

Dzamling Art

Discover International Dzogchen Community artists and their art. Acquire their original artwork to support Dzamling Gar and the artists.

Dzamling Gardens

“Adopt a plant” raised €3150 in 2021.
Donations welcome for the Garden

Dear Worldwide Dzogchen Community,

Many Gars and Lings of the Dzogchen Community have responded to the emergency in Ukraine by offering hospitality and other direct assistance, as well as creating a fundraising campaign.
IDC, Dzamling Gar, and ASIA invite you to work together to support all practitioners and their family members who are suffering because of this international crisis, regardless of national, political, or geographical boundaries.

If you need our support, please write I NEED HELP to

How can you help?


Join the Dzogchen Community’s international fundraising campaign
Here you can find out how to donate to the IDC  by specifying “IDC Emergency Support”. This initiative assists IDC Community members and their families affected by this crisis, in collaboration with the Dzamling Gar team and other Gars and Lings.

Here you can find out how to donate to ASIA by specifying “Emergency Fund”, to provide humanitarian assistance to all those affected by this crisis (if you are eligible for tax deduction in France or Germany please click here

Please be on the lookout for updates.
Thank you all for your support,
IDC International Gakyil, Dzamling Gar & ASIA

Past Retreats and Courses

Khaita Beginners’ Khaita Course with Yulia Petrova and Elena Kalistova on March 26 &27, 2022

Kumar Kumari Teacher Training, January 29 – February 5, 2022

Calligraphy and Semantics Course at Dzamling Gar

A two day Calligraphy and Semantics course on the Song of the Vajra was held at Dzamling Gar on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of April guided by calligrapher/artist Giorgio Dallorto. Participants followed practical instructions based on the book The Song of the Vajra and The Dance of the Vajra by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

The Gönpa Garden in 2022



The Gardens continue to flourish and the newest garden to the left of the Gönpa has been completed. Donations welcome for the Garden at

The Mirror, Advice On Presence On Presence And Awareness  May 12-16, 2022

Spring Retreat with Adriano Clemente, Live, Webcast and Zoom

Advice on Presence and Awareness with afternoon Longsal Vajrasattva Practice and three evenings Jogur Practice. Around 30 people attended in the Gönpa and  367 registered online. The retreat ended with a full moon Ganapuja and a scrumptious dinner of eggplant parmesan prepared by our very own Fabio Andrico. We look forward to the next retreat with Adriano.

Khaita Performs at the May 2022
Festivities of Santa Cruz 

The program of the May 2022 Festivities of Santa Cruz, organized by the City Council through the Autonomous Organism for Festivities and Recreational Activities, returned to festive normality, including a wide range of activities that emphasized the Canarian nature of all its manifestations: leisure, sports, cultural and artistic.

The program of the May 2022 Festivities of Santa Cruz, organized by the City Council through the Autonomous Organism for Festivities and Recreational Activities, returned to festive normality, including a wide range of activities that emphasized the Canarian nature of all its manifestations: leisure, sports, cultural and artistic.

On May 6 and 7 Khaita was invited to participate and gave a memorable and joyful performance at the event. The Snow Lion was a big hit thanks to Kunga, who came from Merigar West to make it happen! It was a great honor to have been selected to participate in the Santa Cruz Festival and the Khaiteros met the honor with grace and beauty. Thank you to all!!!

SPECIAL EVENTS with Ayuntamiento of Adeje

YOGADEJE World Peace April 30, 2022

On April 30th, we had a very successful first public event of this kind in Dzamling Gar, the first of hopefully many to come. Local authorities came to the opening and the closure of the event.
We had the support of the Spanish National Commission of UNESCO, Cabildo de Tenerife, Ayuntamiento de Adeje, Indian Embassy for this event, and the idea is to repeat it once a year.
We invited schools of yoga of Tenerife and we had the participation of Iskcon Tenerife (International Society of Krishna Consciousness). We presented Yantra Yoga, Respira and Khaita.


YogAdeje Peace Festival in Dzamling Gar

At the end a peace manifesto was read and everyone danced Khaita together. The event was streamed through the Local government (Ayuntamiento) Youtube channel. Thank you to all who participated and helped make this event a great day!

Lunches and Friday Night Dinners @ the Cafeteria

Report from Rabgyi
29 weeks  total profit €9,259.19
Friday dinners €6,736.35

AGM in Dzamling Gar, 27th April 2022

Justin Hudgins (President), Naomi Zeitz (Secretary), Andrea Casetti

Maria Jung, Carles Jañez Brucet (Vice President)

Yellow: Tiziana Luna Lattarulo, Elena Ignateva, Gloriana Brenes (Titi) Gonzales
(Tiziana Luna Lattarulo is not in the photo)

with the Gekö
Thubten Rabgyi


Stay in Dzamling Gar

We are inviting you to vizit Dzamling Gar in summer.
Discount for Members is opened and we are pleased to invite their relatives.
Rooms have splendid sea view and offer all facilities.

Hopes for the Future

Gönpa Acoustics: Dzamling Gar is waiting with great anticipation for the new permanent acoustics to be installed in the Gonpa. We hope that the work with be begin.

Cafeteria: We are looking forward to upgrading the cafeteria and looking towards opening to the public in the not too distant future. Any donations towards the cafeteria kitchen upgrade, the floor, licensing, etc.,are welcome. Please indicate what you are donating for here:
Adeje: We look forward to being involved in more activities with Adeje.

The new Wellbeing Retreats Project was launched in April, 2022.

A Report on the First Wellbeing and Vajra Dance Retreat at Dzamling Gar

by Urara Taoka, Vajra Dance Instructor and Coordinator of the Wellbeing Project.
We just finished the first Wellbeing and Vajra Dance retreat. This retreat was a test run. The Vajra Dance course, which usually takes 3 days, was extended to 5 days with more time for practice, so that even beginners could master the steps, and those who could already dance a little deepened their knowledge of the dance.

In addition to the course, there was Ku Nye massage and a breathing session in the beautiful garden of Dzamling Gar with Yantra Yoga instructor Nataly Nitsche.

A lot of dancing will make you hungry! So Vicky and Manu’s healthy and hearty meals were the lifeline of the retreat. During the lunch break, the participants recharged themselves with the sun and sea energy on the beach and seemed to be very satisfied with the fulfilling and relaxing time they spent.
It was the first time for us to operate this type of retreat, so it was a bit of trial and error, but everyone’s shining faces and the improvement in dancing made me feel deep joy and very satisfied. I would like to thank Anna Apraksina, the other Vajra Dance instructor, the participants, the Gakyil, all those who helped and especially to our Master. I am so grateful to all of them.

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