Dzamling Gar Report and Upcoming Program 2021

Greetings from Dzamling Gar!

Despite the many challenges facing the world and Dzamling Gar the year of 2020, Dzamling Gar continues to provide a rich program of courses and activities, including daily and weekly practices. Some have been webcast in conjunction with Merigar West through Practicing Together, some by Zoom, some both, and some only live. We are fortunate to have this big and beautiful Gönpa where we can practice together with enough social distance using masks.

In 2020 we ran approximately 58 courses and events, including Mandarava, Losar and Fundraising events, so for 2020, not including the Vajra Dance courses, there were 3430 participants on Zoom, plus 634 Chinese participants bringing the total to 4064.

We are grateful for our dedicated instructors and webcast team, who worked hour after hour, to bring these programs to the internet. We also have a group of tireless and dedicated translators, without whom we cannot share these programs around the world.We held courses by webcast and zoom in Yantra Yoga, Respira, Pranayamas, Mandarava Sogitg and Tsalungs, Tara Practice and Santi Maha Sangha, as well as some special events for Vajra Dance and Khaita, and Khaita continues to webcast one day a week from the Dzamling Gar Gönpa.

We are also working together with SSI UK to host a 6 Module weekend series of Open Meditation with various SMS instructors by Zoom.

DZG projects

DZG Activities 2020

Spring / Summer 2021

May 4-6    Precious Vase Module IV Part II with Elias Capriles Live & Zoom
May 10-13    The Dharma Mountain Dudjom Rinpoche with Elias Capriles Live & Zoom
May 14-16    Presence and Awareness in Daily Life. An Essential Meditation Training in 6 Modules Calming the Mind 3  by Zoom
May 18-22    Semdzin Module III with Elias Capriles Live and Zoom
May 28-30    Khalong Interactive Course by Zoom with Prima Mai Live & Zoom

June 25 -27   Tsadul with Fabio Andrico Live & Zoom ( open course)

July  16-18    OPEN Meditation SMS instructors Zoom Only
July 16-22    VAJRA DANCE 30th Anniversary by Zoom Internationally Live & Zoom
July 23-30   Twenty- five Spaces Video Rinpoche Collective Practice Retreat [TO BE CONFIRMED] Live

August  Vajra Dance One Month Practice Retreat  Live only
August 3-8       Purification of 6 Lokas with Dance of 6 Spaces
August 13-17     Guruyoga of White A with SOV DANCE
August 20-26     Gomadevi Practice with SOV DANCE
August 28-29     12 A’s

*Please check the details and updates of program with our future course announcement.

Regular activities in the Gar

Daily: Mandarava, Yantra Yoga, Khaita and Vajra Dance

Weekly: Chod, Meditation with Rabgyi,
Dorje Sempa Namkha Che Study Group
Bodhi Reading Circle: Bodhicharya Vattar

We continue our webcasting activity of Practicing Together with Merigar West.

Dzamling Gar Gakyil 2021

Blue Gakyil    Naomi Zeitz (United States)    Sebastian Remy (France)
Red Gakyil     Carles Jañez Brucet (Spain)    Raúl Barattini (Argentina)
Yellow Gakyil  Justin Hudgins (United States)  Luna Tiziana Lattarulo (Italy)

Thank you!!!

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