Dzamling Gar Updates

Dear World Wide Community,

Greetings from Dzamling Gar! We hope that you are all safe and healthy.

We have prepared some updates to keep you informed about recent happenings at our Global Gar.

With the very best wishes,
Dzamling Gar Gakyil

The Mayor of Adeje Visits the Gar

This past Monday 19th July the Mayor of Adeje – José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the Councilor for the Culture Area and Second Deputy Mayor – Mª Rosario Clavijo Maza visited Dzamling Gar.

This was Mayor’s second visit after the Gar’s inauguration back in November 2013 (when there was not much more than the white tent in the Gar), so he was pleasantly surprised with the overall development.

Our guests visited the Gönpa, the downstairs hall and the gardens, where they were offered a welcome aperitif, including our Gar’s fruit that was greatly appreciated by the mayor.

During the visit we discussed a collaboration between Adeje authorities and Dzamling Gar & International Atiyoga Foundation in the areas of well-being and culture. In particular, Adeje authorities expressed an interest in programmes for children and senior citizens, so we have presented Kumar Kumari, Respira, soft yoga and Khaita. We have also discussed potentially hosting local events Dzamling Gar facilities. The collaboration is planned to start in September 2021.

The Mayor wrote a very positive social media post about the visit, see it on here on Facebook or here on Instagram.

We are very excited about these developments and look forward to working with Adeje town hall!

Upcoming Programme Highlights

Vajra Dance August

Vajra Dance August – a special programme based on Rinpoche’s advice on how to do combined retreats of the Vajra Dance and sitting practice, see more details here.

  • Aug 3-8:  Purification of Six Lokas Practice with The Dance Which Benefits Beings;
  • Aug 13-17: Guruyoga of the White A Practice with the Dance of the Song of the Vajra
  • Aug 20-26: Gomadevi Practice with the Dance of the Song of the Vajra
  • Aug 28-29: Dance of the 12 A’s

3 sessions a day – 8.30, 11.00 & 19.00 Tenerife time.

Khaita November

Khaita November to celebrate Khaita’s 10 years anniversary – exactly 10 years ago in Meriling, Tenerife, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu started selecting the songs for the first Khaita collection “Message from Tibet”.

  • Main celebration with dance performance on Sat 13 Nov
  • 2nd part of Educational Program – Khaita Dance School – 7-14 Nov
  • Khaita course 27-28 Nov
  • Special afternoon sessions 15-30 Nov to dance together all of our choreographies

Gar Development

Gönpa Garden

Our Gönpa is getting greener! During the past year the garden team carried out a huge work to landscape and plant the right side of the Gönpa hill which is now starting to bustle with green and flowers.

This coming winter the work will continue on the left side of the hill to complete Gönpa gardens.

Discover more and support Dzamling Gardens by adopting a plant here from as little as 25 euro per year.

Moon Garden

The Moon Garden is changing its look: more grass areas, more shade and wind protection… and an explosion of scents! See full article by Alix De Fermor in the latest The Mirror issue here on page 29.

New Front Gate

We have recently started new front gate construction to replace the old provisional gate. It’s the last legal requirement to finalise Gar construction Phase 1. The flooring and columns are in place now, next week the gate doors will be installed.

You can support the new gate construction and Dzamling Gar overall development by making a donation. We are deeply grateful for any contribution, big or small!

Gönpa Downstairs Hall

A team of karma yogis is currently working on setting up Gönpa’s downstairs hall to be used for various activities – right now hanging the fabrics to improve the acoustics, and the next step will be applying the flooring.

Office Relocation & New Accommodation

Our office has been recently relocated from the Gakyil house (near ex white tent) to the space where Meriling office used to be (near the upper Gönpa gate).

Ex-office space on the upper floor of the Gakyil house is now being refurbished to become accommodation apartment.

Thank You and Welcome!

Dzamling Gar would like to thank Anca Rusu for her dedicated, tireless and enthusiastic work as the Accommodations Manager for our Community for the last year and a half. Anca was always available to work with the Gakyil and help residents. Thank you Anca!

We are also very happy to welcome Soledad Suarez as the new Administrator and Accommodations Manager for Dzamling Gar. The position Soledad is filling is a somewhat modified one from the past position. We hope Soledad will enjoy her work as much as we are grateful and looking forward to her service and working together! Welcome Soledad!

Come to Dzamling Gar!

Please remember that you can stay in one of the beautiful houses inside Dzamling Gar and walk among perfumed flowers to arrive to the practices in the Gonpa and surroundings. You can enjoy the practice and relax all day long at our Gonpa, garden and swimming pool.

To stay at a house in Dzamling Gar please write to Soledad Suarez

Dzamling Art

We invite you to discover Dzamling Art – a project aimed at representing our Dzogchen Community artists and their artwork inspired by the Teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, as well as providing income for the Gar and the artists.

Dzamling Gar Updates July 2021:

– Edited by Lena Dumcheva & Naomi Zeitz

– Photos by Lesya Cherenkova & Lena Dumcheva


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