Dzamling Gar Updates – August 2020


Dear World Wide Community,

Greetings from Dzamling Gar! We hope that you are all safe and healthy.

We have prepared some updates to keep you informed about recent happenings at our Global Gar.

With the very best wishes!


In the last several months we have had an intense program of online activities, including courses and practice sessions. We had a total of 2458 attendees for online courses held during May, June, and July! We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the instructors who led these sessions, as well as participants for making donations; the income from these online activities has been a vital support for the Gar during this challenging period. In the Gar itself we are now continuing courses, practice retreats, and daily sessions of Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance, Khaita, etc.

Financial Update

Recently, we received several inquiries expressing concern about the Gar’s financial situation. We would like to assure everyone that, even with the impact of closures and restrictions in response to COVID, the Gar is still financially stable at the moment.

As previously announced in January, we have fully covered all debts related to the construction of the Gönpa. This has only been possible thanks to the truly international collaboration of individual practitioners and Community organizations. We are deeply grateful for everyone’s contribution, however big or small – your help has been essential!

We estimate that we will be able to cover our 2020 annual budget, comprising running costs and monthly repayment of a long-term mortgage that was taken years ago for purchasing the Gar. Our annual budget is covered through different sources, including membership, accommodation, donations for on-site and online courses, and various fundraising activities. While some types of income have decreased due to COVID, e.g. on-site courses donations, others have increased, e.g. online courses donations.

A more detailed financial report will be presented at our upcoming annual meeting on September 23. A copy of the report will be available upon request. During our annual meeting there will also be an opportunity to ask questions to clarify any doubts and concerns.

“Old Gönpa”







These days we have been taking down the white tent that came to its natural end after sustaining partial damage from strong winds during Calima in February. Some parts are being re-used for the downstairs hall in the new Gönpa, e.g. the main doors and the flooring, while the main structure of the tent is being sold, a welcome contribution to the Gar’s budget.

Gönpa and Gar works

We are now finishing a big project of treating the external wooden parts of the Gönpa that are more exposed to the elements. It has taken us 4 months and 4 people to complete this task. We are also setting up the downstairs hall so that at least part of it can be used for activities.

Ongoing projects in the Gar include installation of wooden railings around the Gönpa and finishing the main fence and construction of the two main entrances to the Gar.

Dzamling Art

Recently we have launched a new project dedicated to our Dzogchen Community artists, aimed at introducing their art and providing an opportunity to acquire their artwork while supporting the Gar and the artist at the same time. Half of the income will be a donation to Dzamling Gar, while the other half will go directly to the artists to support their creativity.

We are very excited to inaugurate this project with the calligraphy series “Quarantine Prayers” by Giorgio Dallorto, consisting of several exquisite pieces created here in Dzamling Gar during the recent quarantine. Discover more at


With the new “Moon Garden” recently completed (if you haven’t read about it yet, have a look at the dedicated article in “The Mirror”), we have now started the landscaping and gardening works around the new Gönpa. The garden team has already begun working on the groundworks and stone walls, while the maintenance team is focusing on the new irrigation systems. Moreover, soon we will be launching a dedicated Dzamling Gardens webpage where you can learn more about the variety of plants, as well as adopt one and help our Gardens to thrive.

Visiting Dzamling Gar & Stay

We are very happy that we were able to open again the gates of Dzamling Gar on the 1st of July after half a year of lockdown. As you might have found out from our last accommodation newsletter, this summer we are lowering our suggested donation amounts to stay in accommodation on the Gar. We hope all community members can have an opportunity to come enjoy activities at the Gar and island life in beautiful Tenerife.

If you want to know more about our suggested donations for accommodation during the summer, please send an email to:

Of course, if you would like to pay more than the lowered summer suggested amount, we always welcome it and your contribution goes to directly support each Gar’s House and the IDC House.
We hope to see you soon!


Dzamling Gar Updates August 2020:

– Edited by Lena Dumcheva, Urara Taoka, Anca Rusu & Justin Hudgins

– Photos by Lesya Cherenkova & Gisela Martinez


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