Dzogchen Portal: new IDC and Webcast sites

We have a new website for the public and private faces of the International Dzogchen Community. It is a central place with a short and easily searchable address,  from which all our news and services can easily be reached. We invite everyone to register and start using it.

It is a work in progress and there will always be more to do, and that is its strength! We will let you know through the Mirror and norbunet when new functionality is added.

On the home page there is a button in the top right to register or log in. This is where you can register and record your membership personal information, pay your membership and consult your membership history. This depends on your Gar or Ling having uploaded all their membership records to the site. If you have registered but don’t see your past history, please contact the Gakyil of the community where you have paid and ask them to register the payments on the site.

Also on the home page there are 9 coloured tiles.

Click on the Webcast tile, and you will go straight to our new IDC webcast site, including live webcast, log in, replay, files and other info. You can now use your login and password to access closed webcast and replay as long as you have you current membership paid and registered in You can always check your membership on the Membership page after you have logged in. Old style webcast usernames and passwords will continue to work until the end of this year.

Click on Calendar, and you will go straight to Rinpoche’s schedule in the Mirror.

Click on News and you will go straight to The Mirror front page.

Click on Community and you will find an interactive map; if a gakyil added information about its Gar or Ling and set the map location, you can see it on the map and also navigate to it using the country list.

We will still be using  for internal communications especially useful for Gakyil members, but in due course this will also be accessed via the new site.

As always, your feedback to is welcomed!


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