Enjoy Tibet. When Culture and Dharma create the Perfect Mandala

November 1-3, 2019
Dzamling Gar

by Anca Rusu

Though it was intended to be only a Tibetan traditional dancing workshop with the graceful dancer and choreographer Tenzin Phakdon, Enjoy Tibet transformed itself over night into a cultural event, a beautiful display of everything the Dzogchen Community has to offer to the world and its members, not only here, in Dzamling Gar, but all over the world.

Our guest performer and instructor, Tenzin Phakdon, lives in London with her family and was invited to Dzamling Gar after participating in the Khaita performance at the London Museum in March, 2018. (see https://melong.com/khaita-british-museum/). Tenzin is a wonderful dancer and teacher; people were enthralled with her fluid, beautiful and seemingly effortless movements.

Photo by L Cherenkova

Photo by L Cherenkova

The intensive three day workshop (1- 3 November) became the center of a harmonious mandala. Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, Director of the Shang Shung Institute’s International School of Tibetan Medicine, opened the weekend event with a talk on Tibetan culture; the event also offered appealing events with a sunset drenched Khaita presentation of our skillful Dzamling Gar dancers and for the first time, precious insights on sacred art offered by our Community artist and graphic designer Paola Minelli. And last, but not at all least, Enjoy Tibet ended on the 3rd of November with a captivating cuisine workshop offered by our “star”, Tenzin Phakdon (who taught us how to make momos in all the five traditional shapes), then an inspiring and informative talk on Diet and Lifestyle based in the principles of Tibetan Medicine with Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, followed by a festive and extremely tasty momo themed lunch.

Opening talk by Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo

Khaita performance
Photo by A Rusu

Friday and Saturday evening Tibetan Games were played in the cafeteria: bagchen, ming mang, the Game of Liberation and cho (dice). Some people were learning and some veterans just playing and enjoying.

Playing bagchen

The event is a milestone in online participation, as Enjoy Tibet’s videos reached over 12,000 people, from which more than 4000 danced Khaita along with us in their homes during our daily practice and learned the Tibetan steps with Tenzin! You can imagine the delight and excitement of the team in charge of the event!

Not to mention that the momo workshop, which was followed by more than 20 people online from all over the world, so I am sure that soon we will have some “five star” momo dinners in our lings. Please, go live so we can also admire your “momo skills”!

Diet and Lifestyle talk by Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo


Introduction to Yantra Yoga with Alessandra Policreti








Enjoy Tibet was also an auspicious opportunity for all the permanent or temporary residents of Dzamling Gar to join hands in organizing a beautiful cultural event, putting aside differences of all kind.

Enjoy Tibet had a team of more than 25 people working to ensure that everything goes according to plan and though many surprises  occurred (of the unwanted and unexpected kind, of course), the harmony between the team members remained steadfast, offering the best ground for amazing results to manifest.

Let us enjoy only events that become an opportunity to practice compassion and enthusiasm in our Sangha!       

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