Finishing the Second Stupa and Summer at Merigar East

finishing second stupa
It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in finishing the Second Stupa in Merigar East. The filling date is set for 15th July 2020!

The preparations will start at the beginning of July and continue until the actual filling day. At the same time we will enjoy Sangha time with practice, yoga, dance, sea and sun.


Also we still need some financial support for the filling material and items (tsa-tsa, mantra rolls, books, precious objects, building material, etc.) and for managing the transport of it from different Merigar East countries. We are also looking for anybody who can physically help with that.

If you want to actively participate, please write us to

For more information on how to donate to the project of finishing the Second Stupa of Merigar East please visit our website: merigar-east-stupas

Many thanks to everybody who supported this project so far – not only financially, but also by doing karmayoga, practicing and sending good wishes.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the summer in Merigar East! Check the programme of our activities below!

With love
Merigar East gakyil and Geko

Merigar East Programme 2020:

19th – 22nd March: Sound Workshop “Expedition: The song within you”

24th – 29th March: First module of Craniosacral Biodynamics Training
For information about the whole training programme: u4PCKX7BFGgMZaTR8

5th – 10th June: The relation between ordinary mind and the enlightened possibility in theory and practice – with Steven Landsberg

18th – 21st June: Nature Constellation Workshop “Opening the Heart to Nature”
For more information about the method:

1st – 14th July: Merigar East Stupa Filling Preparations – practicing and cooperating together – COME TO HELP ME! The actual filling day is set for 15th July – with Migmar Tsering

17th – 22nd July: Tibetan Astrology Workshop – with Migmar Tsering

25th – 31st July: Green Tara with 21 Praises Retreat – with Oliver Leick

18th – 21st August – Tsalung of the Immortal Life – the Essence and the most important of all the Tsalungs of Mandarava – with Elio Guarisco

22nd – 26th August – Instructions and practice retreat on how to Find Oneself in the State of Contemplation – with Elio Guarisco

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