Welcome to the Fire Bird Children

fire bird children

The Mirror has just received a lovely image of some of the many children born to parents in the International Dzogchen Community in the year of the Fire Bird (February 27, 2017 to February 15, 2018). Our very best wishes go to these new beings and their parents – and those still to arrive in the Fire Bird year – for a happy and healthy childhood.

The well-known Chinese astrologer, Raymond Lo says of children born in the year of the Fire Bird:

The yin fire on Rooster is also a rare year of both Nobleman and Academic stars. This means every baby born in 2017 will automatically possess such good stars. Nobleman will make a person’s life smooth with support from others, and academic star is symbol of intelligence and strong appetite for knowledge and study. Such stars are essential for successful life today and such year with both Nobleman and academic star only appears twice in the 60 year cycle – yin fire Rooster year and yin water Rabbit year. So it is a very good year to give birth. The next chance with similar good year is 2023 yin water Rabbit year.

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