First Course of the Khaita Dance School at Merigar

From July 26th to August 2nd in the marvelous atmosphere of the Gönpa, Merigar hosted the beginning of the Educational Program of the Khaita Dance School, a training structured in various courses, aimed at enabling all people interested in the Khaita project, to which Rinpoche dedicated the last part of his precious life, to deepen its various aspects. Another main purpose is to train new experts and/or instructors who can contribute to carry on this knowledge in the years to come, promoting Khaita Joyful Dances in different environments around the world. During the three years of the course, the various seminars will be held by authorized Khaita instructors together with experts of other disciplines who will guide workshops to deepen the different related aspects.

This first seminar, led by Adriana Dal Borgo, was attended by 12 people onsite and 20 online, a beautiful heterogeneous group belonging to various nationalities which proved able to work very well together. The seminar included various moments including explanations on the origin and development of Khaita, the different collections starting from “Message from Tibet”, the meaning of Mekhor and Barsam, the difference between traditional circle dances and the various songs choreographed by some Khaita practitioners.

Quite a good part of the seminar was dedicated to the deepening of steps and movements of circle dances, pointing out differences and similarities. Participants were also asked to recognize and identify recurring terms in the various songs. Adriana then emphasized the relationship between the various lyrics and the corresponding choreographies aiming at interpreting their meaning through mudras and movements.  She also explained how at the very beginning the idea of creating a dance for the corresponding song came about.

Two days were dedicated to exploring the use of voice: the program included a workshop conducted by Camilla Dell’Agnola (an actress, singer, musician, trainer and voice and movement teacher) on the use of the voice of the choir associated with movement, that is to say, experiencing being a choir perceiving the pulsation of the rhythm while dancing in unison. 

 By the way it is good to remember that seminars will include different workshops held by professionals, specialists in a specific area in order to present, study and deepen various aspects associated with the world of music and dance.

Some videos with all the participants were shot at the end of this seminar. 

All the participants showed great enthusiasm and the desire to continue the course according to personal circumstances and for those who will not be able to attend in presence there will be the possibility to follow online. 

The next appointment will be at Dzamling Gar, from the 7th to 14th of November while the third course will be at the end of April 2022.  We hope to meet again as many as possible!!!

For information visit the website with detailed description of the full Educational Program with dates and locations of the other two seminars of the first year.

Elisa Copello

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