First External Rushen Retreat in Teruel, Spain June 1-4, 2018

With Elias Capriles

first external rushen retreat spain

Valdepuertas (Valley of Doors) in Spain opened itself for us to enter the depths of this valley of Teruel, where we were hosted by Center Q, and apply these precious Dzogchen practices. Our hosts, Neus, María Jesús and Agustín, offered all they had to make our days warm, comfortable and nourishing. In this Center, the place, the food and the house’s orientation are designed to generate an ideal space for retreat, either collectively or individually.

This place took us in with its infinite closeness and privacy, so that on the hill of Rabogal we could practice External Rushen, without anything being able to disturb our practice. We were surprised by the fact that during our stay we didn’t see a single car pass along the road below. The silence of this land is such as to allow our inner sound to roar.

We were offered a big tent some distance from the house to take shelter during the storms and rains, where we were able to use the time that otherwise would have been lost, to practice Semzins and the other Rushens.

Elías offered us, with his infinite wisdom and patience, not only some days of immersion in the practices, but also accompanied each of the practitioners as needed. All of us truly remained with the thirst to keep listening and practicing—which we hope to do again for a longer time.

We wish our experiences to be of benefit for all beings!

Blanca Muñoz


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