First Khaita Course in the New Dzamling Gar Gönpa

July 27-28, 2019
with Elena Dumcheva

Recently the very first Khaita course took place in the new Dzamling Gar Gönpa. We really enjoyed dancing in this wonderful space – so fresh and spacious, the wooden floor just perfect for dancing and amazing views over the Gar, the mountains and the ocean from the glass windows. It was also very auspicious that some children took part in the course. We have actually discovered that children’s dances are a great way to start a course, both for kids and adults, as they allow us to start a session in a fun way and break the ice.

Lena teaching Khaita

Some days after the course, together with the course participants including the children, we filmed a video for one of the dances we have studied – Khawa Bodpa choreographed by Elena Kalsitova and Ludmila Kudriavtseva. We filmed just before the sunset when the Gönpa fills with a very special light; we used the dresses that Rinpoche and Rosa presented us in the past and decorations from Samtengar shop; and Carles went all the way up to the roof with one of the cameras to film the dance from above.


We are now editing the video that will be ready soon. We hope that all of you, our dear Vajra Family, can come to Dzamling Gar as soon as possible, in a relaxed way, to enjoy the Gönpa!

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