First Summer Picnic at Merigar West

On June 21st, the first summer picnic at Merigar found a lovely location outdoors under the giant covering of the outdoor dance circle near the library and Mandala hall.  An upward breeze from the valley kept the picnic-ers cool, pleased to have a shaded place to sit and talk with one another while enjoying the season’s offerings.
What would a summer festival be without prosciutto and melon, tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, eggplant dishes, green and yellow bean salads, beet salad, cold meats and cheeses, quiches both vegetarian and non.  There was fresh water, wine and beer to drink as the picnic continued.

Around 50 persons, maybe more, came.  More tables had to be added, surrounding a square wooden table and its chairs, where Rosa Namkhai and company sat, enjoying the moment.  It seemed every 20 minutes or so, another wave of old and young members of the community arrived, bringing other dishes to share and taste.  A giant watermelon and two pineapples were cut and passed around to all.
Rosa Namkhai, during the luncheon, spoke twice, turning and addressing everyone, first mentioning her (and her family’s) decision to offer a ‘lottery of sorts’ of many of Rinpoche’s objects / possessions.  She said it was a difficult decision to let go of what belonged to him, but she felt he would approve.  The second time Rosa spoke, she mentioned how daily she gives thanks to being in Merigar because our Master is here, near us, and that we all have this beautiful place to be together.  She said to stop and think a moment what it would be like if we didn’t have Merigar.
And that is what many of us felt, I think, as we were surrounded by its green land, fresh air and the Merigar community.

Constance Soehnlen
July 23, 2022.

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