Fund-raising for Finishing the Stupa and Camping Extension

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From 23rd April till 18th May 2018 we begin with the second, and we hope also the last phase of the camping extension at Merigar East!

fund raising merigar east

Take a look here to see what we managed to finish in previous phases.

We invite you to participate in this great event, whether physically or financially.

In case you would like to take part right on the spot, we offer the possibility of “work exchange” with food and accommodation for free, also covering part of your traveling expenses if needed.

It´s a  great opportunity for the common practice of Karmayoga but also other collective (or/and individual) practices, as well as other activities, both at the Gar and its close surroundings! The Black Sea is just 10 minutes on foot from the Gar.

We are mainly looking for hardworking, capable of work and skilful men, but also women, who can take care of the welfare and comfort of all the workers and make the hard work pleasant with their charm and grace.

Other information and contacts you can find in the registration form .

Those of you who cannot or do not want for any reason to participate physically in this event, please express at least your financial support with any amount. By doing that you will greatly contribute to finishing this project!

The budget for this project which consists of constructing the new kitchen, toilets and showers, shading areas and all the equipment, all of them in ecological variant, is approximately 9,300 Euro. In previous fund-raising campaigns we collected funds for a total amount of 4,740 Euro.

This way we would like to give thanks to all the donors so far!

We still have expenses of 4,560 Euro remaining.

Soon we are also about to finish one of the Merigar East Stupas! We have just a few small steps to reach this – finishing the “kora” (a little pathway around the Stupa), placing the statue in the niche, cleaning the Longsal symbol and placing the so called “umbrella” (the ring around the top of the Stupa)!

For the project of Stupa approximately 1,500 Euro still needs to be donated.

For both projects you can send us your donation using the Merigar East PayPal account

Or you can use the bank transfer option

We will be greatful for donation of any amount!

Thank you for supporting Merigar East and see you here soon!

With love

Merigar East Gakyil and Geko



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