Fundraising for Finishing the Second Stupa at Merigar East

fundraising stupa merigar east

Dear friends and practitioners,

We are happy to announce that the construction works on the Second Stupa of Merigar East have been finished! Thanks to the skills and compassion of our dear building team we were able to diminish the expenses for these works from original 13.000 Euro to approximately 9.000 Euro and thanks to all generous donors we already succeeded to collect this amount and even more so now we have a good base for starting the fund-raising for the second stage of this project – THE FILLING!

The filling of the Second Stupa is planned for the summer 2020 and the expenses for this stage are now estimated at 17,000 Euro, from this amount already 1,000 Euro has been collected.

During the Stupa works at the Gar we already started with rolling zungs (mantra rolls), creating tsa-tsas, collecting juniper branches for the sang powder and preparing all other necessary objects for filling.

For filling we would also need to collect precious objects like Rinpoche´s texts and books, precious stones and metals, jewels, etc. So if you have any object of this kind which also for you has a great personal value and you decide to give it for this beneficial project you can send it to our address:

Asociatia Culturala
localitatea 23 August
907 005

For supporting the finishing of the Second Stupa of Merigar East and getting more information please visit our website: east/donate-for-our-projects/ merigar-east-stupas

Or you can use the bank transfer option – the details you can find here: accounts

Building a stupa is considered extremely beneficial, leaving very positive karmic imprints in the minds of those involved in building.

We would be grateful for a donation of any amount!

Best wishes to all projects and activities of the Dzogchen Community worldwide!

Thank you for supporting Merigar East and see you soon here!

With love

Merigar East Gakyil and Geko

fundraising stupa merigar east

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