Give a Hand to the International Gakyil: Join the Team!

Dear International Dzogchen Community Members,

The International Gakyil (IG) is a volunteer group of International Dzogchen Community (IDC) members whose mission is to facilitate and promote collaboration between all IDC Gars and Lings, support their local activities, and provide oversight and global services to all IDC members. They are also responsible for the administrative and information functions of the IDC association.

The global services and the administrative and information functions include:

  • Membership policy & (Membership Management System)
  • Webcast platform
  • The Mirror
  • International Teachers (payroll & administration)
  • Copyright and Trademark
  • Collaborate with the Gars/Lings on different matters
  • Manage legal and financial issues for the IDC
  • Lead the IDC/ASIA house project in Dzamling Gar
  • Collaborate with the International Atiyoga Foundation, ASIA, Shang Shung Publications Impresa Sociale S.r.l.

The Board of Directors of the IDC, the IG in office, is composed of four people:

– Miranda Shannon, President;
– Barbara Giurlanda, Vice President and Yellow;
– Vince Li Wen Tai, Red;
– Gabriella Schneider, Blue

All current IG members will end their term by the Spring/Early Summer of 2024. In order to organize a smooth handover, the IG is looking for interested and dedicated IDC members to join its team as assistants for a trial period of six to nine months, with the serious intention of becoming IG members for the next three year term (approx. 2023-2025). The exact start and end dates will also depend on the scheduling of the Annual General Assembly which occurs yearly in the spring or summer.

To apply, please send a letter of interest and a curriculum vitae to, and by June 12, 2023

Descriptions of the IG Team in office are available at

General requirements:

1. IDC membership for the last three consecutive years plus the current year. Members of longer standing are a plus
2. Previous experience working on a Gar or Ling Gakyil, or another IDC management position is a plus
3. Knowledge about IDC community processes
4. Availability to attend weekly Sunday meetings, and other occasional meetings during the year
5. Ability to work in a team and online

Yellow Gakyil Main requirements:

1. Experience in finance, administration, and law ( having all three is a plus)
2. Proficiency in spoken and written English, proficiency in Italian would be advantageous
3. Basic computer skills

Main responsibilities:

a. Management of membership and collaborating on the maintenance of Membership Management System
b. Management of Dzamling Gar IDC House
c. Work with lawyers to solve legal issues
d. Communication with accountants and auditor
e. Budgeting and cost management
f. Supervision of secretary
g. Other

Red Gakyil Main requirements:

1. Strong computer and IT skills
2. Proficiency in spoken and written English

Main responsibilities:

a. Facilitating International Gakyil meetings
b. Managing communication through various IDC channels (Mass Mail, Mailchimp, Norbunet etc)
c. Technical and content support of IDC web resources (Webcast,,, etc)
d. Budgeting for IT-related projects
e. Support International Gakyil’s interaction with the Membership Management System

Blue Gakyil Main requirements:

1. Understanding the essence of Dzogchen and the ability to use this knowledge to communicate with IDC Instructors, Gakyils, Lings, and Members
2. Having passed the Santi Maha Sangha Base Level exam is a plus.
3. Proficient in spoken and written English
4. Strong communication skills
5. Basic computer skills

Main responsibilities:

a. Liaison to facilitate and promote collaboration among all IDC Gars and Lings, and support their local activities
b. Communicate with IDC members and Gakyils regarding their questions and concerns
c. Collaborate with Santi Maha Sangha, Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga and Khaita instructors on matters related to the Teachings
d. Communicate and collaborate with entities founded by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and other organizations who share similar interests and activities
e. Create and update the content of IDC web resources (Webcast,,, etc)

Thank you for your interest, and for taking into consideration the idea to give us a hand!

The International Gakyil

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