Grass Roots Fundraising

Following the Example of the Master

For the past year, Rinpoche has set us a strong example in fundraising innovation through Evolution Creations. This is a concrete example of how we can one-pointedly apply ourselves, working with circumstances in order to achieve a specific goal for the benefit of the Community. Rinpoche, working with simple materials, tirelessly creates beautiful jewellery imbued with the power of contemplation, rendering them beyond material value. These jewels are then sold in order to raise funds for the new Gönpa at Dzamling Gar.

All of us can follow this example using our skills in order to contribute to this project that will last for generations and generations. As Rinpoche always says, it is not important if one gives a tiny contribution, or a huge contribution, they are all like drops in the ocean, and until the ocean dries up, each drop remains until the very end. Such is the benefit of raising funds for the Gönpa project and the construction of the Gar.

In the last season, some industrious individuals have followed this example and have been producing products that are used to raise money for the Gar.


Dzamling Gar T Shirts: two innovative artists, Scott and Catherine Diamond made this very cool T-Shirt design and printed up a test run to sell at the Gar, so far they have been very popular and this will now become a product line to be sold in our shop.

the-melong 2016-04-21 at 10.47.36
Samantabhadra Posters: Our Vajra Brother from the Netherlands Pieter Kiewiet de Jonge kindly offered his artistic talents and produced beautiful image of Samantabhadra that was printed on a high quality medium and authenticated by Rinpoche. Through the sale of the first run of these images we will raise 2461 Euros, and they are currently available at the Dzamling Gar shop.

_DSC0525.01 (5)

Scented Lavender Sachets: The gardens of Dzamling Gar produce lots of amazing flowers and herbs. One of our members had the idea to produce nice sachets with lavender that grows all over the Gar. Over several months a group of our Vajra Sisters prepared many handmade sachets each of which is uniquely decorated with hand embroidered designs. During retreats with Rinpoche the sachets were offered for a suggested donation and so far we have raised 1350 Euros.


These are only few examples of infinite possibilities of creative fundraising projects. We would like to encourage everyone who has the possibility to add more drops to the ocean in this way. We would also like to thank all of you who have offered your time and energy so far for the development of Dzamling Gar which is so important for the development of the International Dzogchen Community and so close to our Master’s heart.

If you have a fundraising innovation that you would like to offer to Dzamling Gar, please contact our Yellow Gakyil, Yana Korpan:

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