Green Tara in Ireland

Spring In Ireland

This past Spring some practitioners in Tsegyalgar East, in the U.S., came back from their respective travels in Ireland and were sharing their experiences of this beautiful country with each other. A spontaneous idea arose to do a Green Tara retreat on this lovely green Island.

We began working with some of the Irish practitioners, as well and formed an organizational committee.

What has developed, is to have a long weekend together of concentrated practice, 4 Thuns a day of Green Tara from Thursday, May 16th through Sunday, May 19th. We will also include time for Khaita, Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance.

The intention is to have a practitioner led retreat where we practice intensively together, enjoying each other, and partaking in the riches of Ireland.

Anneli, from Ireland, found what appears to be an ideal venue in County Mayo near Westport. It is a dance hall with a sprung floor, some limited accommodations upstairs, a kitchen/breakfast area where we can eat together, a car park and pub at the front with large screen TV in one room and a pool table in the other.

Many practitioners have already expressed their intention to come. There are many B&Bs and Airbnb possibilities in the area. We will present a list of some of these shortly.

Please let us know of your questions, interest and intention to attend all or part of this retreat by contacting Paula Barry and Anneli Watson


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