Green Tara Practice – Practicing Together


Painting by Wilvin Pederson

Painting by Wilvin Pederson

On 3rd June from 0:00 h. to 24:00 h. GMT+0, the very special GREEN TARA Global Chain practice for 24 hours for the benefit of ASIA Onlus will take place.

ASIA Onlus and all Tibetan people need our help and determination to ease the current situation with execution of all projects in Tibet. Rinpoche, as a Founder and current President of ASIA Onlus, has chosen the Green Tara practice as the best way how to overcome all current difficulties.

We invite you to join our energies and developing good fortune for ASIA Onlus and all Tibetan people while doing this powerful practice together.

If we are more, the benefits of our practice will further increase!

Please when you register choose your time of practice in GMT+0. In this link you can see a map with the time zones of the world: It corresponds with Canarian islands or London time.

Do you want to participate?


1. Register by filling the following questionnaire (click here:

2. Each practitioner – or group – will do a GREEN TARA TUN, which should last 1 HOUR OF RECITATION of the essential mantras (OM TARE TAM SVAHA  &  OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA).

In order to not break the chain, it is necessary to start at least 15 minutes before the established starting time for doing Preliminaries and Invocations (with the minimal amount of repetitions).

Then, after transforming us with TAM, we do recitation for 1 hour (the established time of registration)

Finally, we continue with the Song of Vajra and Dedications.

3. If the registration is done by a group of people, the person registering the group should write the name of the Ling or Gar and once the practice is finished, we kindly ask her/him to send us the total number of participants in that group.

May this practice fill all the space and dissolve all obstacles into emptiness.


Long life to the Master!

The Team of Practicing Together & and The International Gakyil

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