Green Tara with Oliver Leick at Kunsangar North

From April 1 to April 10, we hosted an intensive online retreat on the practice of Green Tara with Oliver Leick at Kunsangar North. The retreat turned out to be fantastically interesting and useful.

In the first part, which was open to all, Oliver spoke elaborately and precisely about the practice of Green Tara: how to do it in the long, short and essential versions in order to quickly and reliably get the desired result. Daily practice thuns harmoniously complemented the explanations. The second part of the retreat was closed, as it touched upon the most essential moments of the Ngang Gom practice of Green Tara, which our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu transmitted only once at Kunsangar North in 2013.

Previously, most of the information about Oliver Leick we had came from thank-you letters to the sponsors of the Ka-Ter project, which he oversees. The first sessions of the retreat on the practice of Green Tara put everything in its place: we were faced with a very gentle and profound person, a real practitioner, able to clearly and simply talk about complex things, and unobtrusively give advice that filled the formal practice with life! No stress, effortless in everything – from answering difficult questions to admitting his own mistakes. And, at the same time, strictness, punctuality, bordering on pedantry and uncompromising adherence to samaya.

Such retreats are very valuable because they allow you to quickly achieve an understanding of the main points of the practice and of the very essence. Thank you, Oliver! Thank you for the joy of practicing the profound Teaching together! Thank you from all the participants of the retreat!

Gakyil of Kunsangar North, Russia

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