Greetings and News from Tashigar Norte

Dear Family worldwide, greetings from Tashigar Norte. A short report from recent activities in the Gar and an invitation to engage in our current projects to all of you.

First of all we want to thank the generosity you manifest towards us with your contributions to purchase new equipment for our new internet line. The new connection is currently working, still in a process of tuning and alignment to improve performance. We have a more stable connectivity that will allow us to follow online programs and hopefully to stream some of our future activities.

As you probably know, a few months ago we launched a Real Estate Project seeking for new villagers to contribute and support the live of the Gar. We have two new members in our Tashigar Norte Family, and we want to thank them for deciding to join us in the challenge to preserve the Gar. They are Ralf Strehle, a German practitioner originally member from Dzamling Gar, and Massimo Catalfo, an Italian and original member from Merigar West. At the end of the message you will find a link to a video of a little talk we had at the end of 2022 with Ralf, after he settled in his new home. Massimo is actively helping us to relaunch our activities related to IDC programs, we are working on an Onsite Program so keep tuned with us for more information.

Conditions in Venezuela keep improving, but of course there are many aspects that are still in progress. Nevertheless, a more or less normal life can be enjoyed. Security is better, and public services are working well. The Gakyil encourages all those who may be interested in visiting or even to move to Margarita to come. There are still good chances to get a house at an incredible price, in a perfect environment for the practice. As long as we strengthen our Community Life through the population of our Village, more possibilities to develop projects to sustain ourselves. The main point in investing in a property here is that you immediately are supporting the Gar, since the villagers contribute 50 % of our budget. Please visit: for more information.

To digital nomads within the IDC, Margarita is a perfect location to spend a long season. Citizens from Mexico, Argentina, UK, Europe and Russia are not visa required to come for a period of 60 days. There are direct flights to Caracas from Lisbon, Madrid, Tenerife, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Mexico and Moscow. And there is plenty of connectivity with Panama.

To IDC instructors, if you are interested in visiting Margarita, do not hesitate to contact us to see what could be arranged.

To see the interview with Ralf please visit:

Please, keep in mind that we are not Web designers, multimedia producers or photographers, we have to do all by ourselves, perhaps it does not have the expected quality, but all material is done with love and devotion.

All the best,

Tashigar Norte Gakyil


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