Retreat of Harmonious Breathing in Wangdenling, Slovakia

with Honza Dolensky June 21-23

harmonious breathing wangdenling
Cherries were slowly getting ripe, some were already red. The meadow was full of flowers, sunshine was taking turns with storms. The environment itself and the elements were inviting us into presence and mindfulness. Another beautiful weekend at Wangdenling. This time it was a course of Harmonious Breathing.

After a week of stress at work we darted into the hills and we managed to arrive at the last minute before the first session. Honza met us with his typical kindly calmness and humor and we immediately started – breath in, breath out again and again, trying to percieve what is happening turning our attention from daily fantasies of the mind towards breathing, body and mind. After the first exercise the stress from the city became only a memory. Later in the evening we had a barbeque with friends old and new – such a classic at Wangdenling.

harmonious breathing wangdenlingHonza´s personal contribution to the course, Elisha´s amazing cooking, the nature of the White Carpathians, and friendly atmosphere, all made that weekend a unique time. Although as it came it also went away, and apart from memories, we carry with us the practice of harmonious breathing, which we will try to carry over into our daily lives and thanks to that increase our mindfulness, calmness, health and awareness.

See you soon at Wangdenling

by Marián Knoško
















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