Heart Advice from Changchub Dorje

Changchub Dorje by Wilvin Pedersen

The Heart Advice from the Tibetan meditation master Nyakla Jangchub Dorje: A Concise Teaching on Seeing, Deepening, Responding and Arriving according to Dzogpa Chenpo Kadak Trekcho.

dear children, listen closely!
what you call mind isn’t anything at all
allow your own mind to look at itself.
past thoughts are no longer here, and
the future’s not yet here
and whatever arises now
is beyond reckoning.

let all thoughts
the past, present and future
settle, right now,
and in this moment
see how it is
if you see
colors & shapes
this is a sign
you’ve wandered
into the house of delusion.

if you think “it’s nothing, there’s nothing”
you’re trapped
in the numb empty state
and the richness of your own nature
will not emerge.

you know,
you can investigate
meditate for a hundred years
and not be
moving towards freedom
great natural perfection
is present
awareness right now

no thoughts & conditions
clear & radiant, like the sky
this never changes
it is dharmakaya, the primordial
clear & radiant awareness
is unceasing in its splendor
it is sambhogakaya, the rapturous
the arising of all possible things,
an ever-present vibration
it is nirmanakaya, the magical

whenever something
don’t do
with it
let it
settle by itself
thoughts are fuel
flaring up &

let them come
and go
they will
dissolve into space
no difference

when they come
look directly
how they come
when they go
look directly
how they go
it is
the same, no
favorites no
you do,
you do it
look directly
how you are
this is how
ordinary beings
become buddhas

nothing is more direct
than this
more profound
than this
& for those who rely
on this
causes & conditions are gone

this is the space
just this
directly know
every experience
is magical
the wisdom eye
is now open
now here
your body is no longer solid
you can travel unrestrained
death time comes &
your material and vital forces break down
and your elemental energies transmute
into the blessings
of rainbow remains
never changing
it’s now dissolved
back into
the primal state
awareness settles back
into space
Dharmakaya, the primoridal
and it activates
all tangible dimensions
releasing enlightened activities
bringing benefit
to all who live
wide as space itself
this is how it is.
now bountiful benefits
will flow

This one page text in Tibetan, entitled Nyag bla byang chub rdo rje’i rdzogs pa chen po ka dag khregs chod lta sgom spyod ‘bras don mdor bsdus bstan pa, was translated by Steven Goodman, at the urging of Lama Wangdor, on 25 June 2005 in Oakland, California. Disciple of Nyag bla Padma bdud ‘dul, Nyag bla byang chub rdo rje, whose dates are sometimes given as 1838–1953, was the principal Dzogchen teacher of the contemporary master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

Republished with permission from Tibetan Literary Arts, curated by Marit Cranmer, published by Shang Shung Institute, Neilson Library, Smith College, May 2007.

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