Heartfelt Gratitude to Elio Guarisco and Fabio Andrico

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All participants of the retreats that just took place at Kunsangar South would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to Elio Guarisco and Fabio Andrico for the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the Dzogchen teaching!

The team of Gakyil and Geko thanks everybody for their cooperation and for daily help during the retreats! Each of you made your utmost contribution to these long-awaited and important for everyone events. Thank you to the coordinator, the cooks, all karma yogis, assistants and a special thanks to the translators and all who were involved!

Together we are powerful!

With love,

Kunsangar South Gakyil and Geko

heartfelt gratitude elio guarisco

heartfelt gratitude elio guarisco

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